ISEE Upper Level Practice Test Video Explanations for Quantitative Reasoning

The Educational Records Bureau (ERB) makes only one near full-length practice test available for the ISEE Upper Level. Available as a free PDF download on its website, this is the only official practice test. However there at least two major downsides to this test. First, it is only 140 questions in length whereas [...]

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Assign Students Self-Grading SAT, ACT, and ISEE Questions with Due Dates

Piqosity now enables tutors and teachers the ability to assign students problem sets with hand-picked questions and due dates.  This feature is particularly useful for tutors and teachers who want to assign homework as part of a more comprehensive test prep regiment for the ACT, SAT, or ISEE standardized tests. To assign practice problems with [...]

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View Our Release Notes

Piqosity is growing up! Given our rapidly growing user base, we are now scheduling our software updates and publishing our release notes. In order to minimize downtime and disruptions to active users, we are making our updates on Friday and Saturday evenings US central time. On average, down time will be for less than [...]

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Get Tech Support at Our Help Desk

We now have a help desk where you can find solutions, request support, or start a discussion. As of this launch on November 1, 2016, we have the following support articles. Support for Students Registering as a Student Learner How to Use and Understand the Student Dashboard Editing User Profile and Privacy Settings Accepting a Teacher [...]

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How to Use Piqosity In Your Classroom

Through our Piqosity Pilots program and independently, classroom teachers are increasingly using Piqosity in K12 schools across the United States. Classroom integration poses a few unique challenges; chief among these challenges is preparing material to present to a class. Few people (less than 1% of the college-bound population) can answer challenging standardized test questions [...]

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Piqosity 1-Minute Student and Educator Demo

We have a new demo video for you! Using machine learning and a marketplace of mix-and-match content, Piqosity helps students prepare for the P/SAT, ACT, and ISEE standardized tests. It also enables tutors and teachers to monitor student progress and get prepared for in-class lectures. Watch the video for a quick introduction then consider [...]

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How to Use Piqosity as a Tutor or Teacher

Piqosity features an educator dashboard for teachers and tutors that enables educators to create classes, add students, and monitor their progress. Like all of Piqosity beta, this resource is free to use. Piqosity is ideal for helping students prepare for the SAT, ACT, and Upper Level ISEE standardized tests, for which we have more than 6,700 [...]

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Piqosity Founder Shelby Joe Launches edTech Houston

Piqosity's co-founder and CEO Shelby Joe is launching a new group to catalyze a community around education technology in Houston. Shocked and surprised that the US's fourth largest city didn't already have such a community, he decided to start it himself. If you're in the Houston area, be sure to follow the group's development at [...]

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