Free ISEE Diagnostic Practice Tests

Our Christmas update brings new, free ISEE practice tests for the Upper, Middle, and Lower levels and enhanced app performance! To keep up with surging student numbers, we gave ourselves the gift of new server hardware for Christmas. You'll notice the difference with these new AMD-powered servers in significantly faster loading times across the [...]

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Major Fall Update Introduces Concept Lessons

Early Friday morning we pushed a major software update to Piqosity which introduces Concept Lessons. These lessons allow students to brush up on tested academic concepts directly within the Piqosity application. For example, if an ISEE student doesn't quite understand the probability, they can now read a lesson walking them through the topic. Now [...]

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10 ISEE Practice Tests Available Now

Piqosity now offers a market-leading 10 full-length ISEE practice tests each for the Upper, Middle, and Lower level ISEE tests. No other content publisher comes close to offering this amount of ISEE practice tests*. Piqosity's tests are level-specific, meaning that there really are 10 tests for each level of the ISEE for applying to [...]

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Spring 2020 Major Update Release Notes

The "ISEE 2019-2020 season" is now mostly over, which can mean only one thing for Piqosity -- it's safe to start tinkering with the software again! We're excited to announce our first major release of 2020, which brings a host of performance improvements and new features. New Features More Student Stats Tutor-Led Practice Student [...]

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Release Notes for Major Update Spring 2019

We're excited to announce our first major software update of 2019. This release brings major new features plus big performance improvements. New Features Piqosity for Tutoring Companies and Schools Enhanced Leaderboard with Educators Tutoring companies and schools may now self-register on Piqosity to manage their tutors/teachers and students including paying for discounted user licenses. [...]

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New Feature – View Student Account as Educator

Tutors and teachers with Piqosity educator accounts can now "impersonate" their students. This new feature allows educators to view and use one of their student's accounts as if they were that student. This feature is particularly helpful in order to see all of a student's past practice or troubleshoot account issues. Before this update, educators [...]

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Enhancements to the Student Dashboard and Practice Tests

We've rolled out a massive update today to improve the student experience on Piqosity. At the centerpiece of the update is a simpler student dashboard, which highlights the four primary ways to work practice ISEE, ACT, and SAT problems - adaptive practice, assignments, full-length tests, and previously worked questions. Ways to Practice ISEE, ACT, [...]

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Assign Students Self-Grading SAT, ACT, and ISEE Questions with Due Dates

Piqosity now enables tutors and teachers the ability to assign students problem sets with hand-picked questions and due dates.  This feature is particularly useful for tutors and teachers who want to assign homework as part of a more comprehensive test prep regiment for the ACT, SAT, or ISEE standardized tests. To assign practice problems with [...]

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View Our Release Notes

Piqosity is growing up! Given our rapidly growing user base, we are now scheduling our software updates and publishing our release notes. In order to minimize downtime and disruptions to active users, we are making our updates on Friday and Saturday evenings US central time. On average, down time will be for less than [...]

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