We Give Tutors Advanced Analytics & Branded Portals

How Does Your Company Personalize Tutoring?

Are you still forcing students to sit through 4-hour practice tests every week? And then relying on tutors to pull practice questions from 10 different books?

Piqosity provides the analysis and management tools that you’ve been searching for. We take the guess work out of personalization and the tedium out of sourcing individualized practice content.

branded practic -portal

Branded Practice Portal

Give your students a branded website to do their practice work in. Branding includes a custom yourcompany.piqosity.com URL, log-in page, and site headers.

admin dashboard

Administrator Dashboard

As the company manager, you have complete insight into all of your tutors and students including their current performance and on-site activity.

advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Dynamically determine a student’s strengths and weaknesses down to the sub-topic level. Keep tabs on all of your tutors and students to determine who needs your intervention.

isee stanine predicted score

Real Time Score Estimates

Stop relying on 4-hour full-length paper tests to know where your students are in their prep. Piqosity updates a student’s estimated test-day score in real time after every practice set.

student assignments with due dates

Assignments with Due Dates

For homework, tutors can assign students hand-picked problem sets with due dates, which improves student accountability and makes parents happy.

tons of content

Tons of Content

Piqosity offers nearly 7,000 practice questions and explanations for the ACT, SAT, and Upper Level ISEE from previously released exams and publishers.

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Advanced Analytics & Helpful Features for All User Types


Branded Practice Portal

Give your students a single, branded website to do their practice work on.

Tutor & Student Monitoring

Track what and when your tutors and students are practicing.

Rich Analytics

Identify which of your tutors and students needs your intervention.


Real Time Score Estimates

Students see a “real score estimate” that updates continually with practice.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Piqosity analyzes practice results down to the sub-topic level.

Bountiful Content

7,000 questions and answer explanations gives your students plenty to do.


Monitor Student Progress

Tutors can monitor student activity including practice results.

Assignment Posting

They can assign practice problems with deadlines.

Answer Explanations

Tutors can respond to student requests for answer explanations.

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Big Company Features for Small Biz Budgets


  • 1 Tutor
  • < 5 Students
  • Basic Analytics
  • No Assignment Tracking
  • Piqosity Branding


  • unlimited Tutors
  • unlimited Students
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Assignments with Due Dates
  • Custom Branding
Freelancer Company
Annual Per Student License $0 $TBD
Tutors 1 Unlimited
Students 5 or less Unlimited
Unlimited Access to 7,000 Questions for SAT, ACT, & ISEE yes yes
Teacher Dashboard yes yes
– Course-Wide Statistics yes yes
– Assignment Tracker no yes
– View Student Quizzes no yes
Manager Dashboard no yes
Custom Branding no yes
Custom Sub-Domain no yes
Support self-help e-mail & phone
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