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We Make Teachers’ Jobs Easier & More Productive

For teachers of ACT, SAT, and ISEE prep classes, Piqosity allows them to spend less time assessing and more time differentiating. Using Piqosity for regular assessments like tests, quizzes, and homework can easily save the average teacher 40 hours a month.

Steps in Creating, Administering, and Scoring a Test With Paper With Piqosity
1. Write 25-question test for 100 students 200 min 10 min
2. Work test to ensure accuracy and difficulty 50 min 5 min
3. Select different questions for advanced students 30 min 5 min
4. Select unique questions for each student according to skill level
5. Format test on computer 45 min 5 min
6. Print out test 15 min 0 min
7. Grade test 250 min 0 min
8. Determine each student's strengths and weaknesses 250 min 0 min
9. Ensure some students didn't cheat 30 min 5 min
10. Write note to student and parents detailing analysis 100 min 0 min
Total Time to Give a Test 16 hours 30 minutes

Key Features

Assessment Portal

One website for administering tests, quizzes, and homework.

Bountiful Content

Nearly 7,000 ACT, SAT, & ISEE questions and answer explanations.

Automatic Grading

Piqosity instantly grades all assignments on submission.

Real Time Score Estimates

Students see a “real score estimate” that updates continually with practice.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Piqosity analyzes practice results down to the sub-topic level.

Cheating Prevention

Multiple protections guard against & identify cheating.

Student Monitoring

See when students logged in and exactly what they did.

Assignment Posting

Assign students specific practice problems with deadlines.

Answer Explanations

Respond to student requests for answer explanations online.

Prepare Lecture Notes

Teachers of classroom-based ACT, SAT, & ISEE test prep courses can also use Piqosity to prepare for in-class lectures. You can pre-work demonstration problems before class so that you present them flawlessly.

Watch a 1-Minute Demo

Take off with us! Piqosity is in beta. Students can currently practice for the ACT, SAT, and Upper Level ISEE.

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