Students can now take the Upper Level ISEE up to three (3) times a year but only one (1) time during pre-defined three-month periods (example of 8th grade student applying to 9th grade):

  1. Spring semester of their 7th grade year (April to July)*
  2. Fall semester of their 8th grade year (August to November)
  3. Spring semester of their 8th grade year (December to March)

Note that many schools will not accept scores from the April to July test date. Instead, most schools see the spring testing as the 3rd opportunity primarily for students applying outside of the normal timeframe, usually the same calendar year in which they plan to enroll.

Parents can also review scores and decide whether or not they want to submit them to schools (Before fall 2016 students could really only take the exam once and that score always got sent to schools without parent review).

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