What do I do if I still have questions?

Start by registering as a student to see how our adaptive learning platform works for your end users. Paid courses include a 7-day free trial; a credit card is not required to register, and there's no obligation after the free trial ends. We also have lots of detailed how-to articles in our help desk. Of [...]

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Should I register as an educator or an organization?

Register as a tutor or teacher if you do not have authorization to represent your organization or do not need business management features like student licensing, branded portal, and management of multiple educators. Register as a tutoring company or school if you want access to discounted student licenses and a branded portal with unique [...]

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How much does it cost to register as an educator or an organization?

Nothing, Piqosity's robust features for tutors/ teachers and tutoring companies/ schools are completely free of charge. There are no contracts to sign; simply self-register and get to work helping your students right away. The only fees are the discounted licenses for students enrolled in premium courses. Users registered as tutoring company managers or school [...]

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Who writes Piqosity’s content?

Paid contributors and Piqosity's own team of writers and editors have crafted the 50 full-length practice tests and more than 3,000 practice questions for the ISEE, ACT, and SAT. This team of extraordinary individuals has more than 17 years of experience educating thousands of students (including in-person), and the material has been thoroughly tested [...]

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Does Piqosity sell tutorial services?

No, Piqosity is purely an education technology company. However, we do bundle a tutor consultation and/or 1-hour of private tutoring with select packages. These services are rendered by local tutors and teachers. If you are a local educator, we invite you to register for our Educator Referral Network at no-charge.

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