Is Piqosity endorsed by the ERB?

No, Piqosity has not approached the non-profit ERB (the ISEE's publisher) about buying their endorsement. We don't believe that any non-profit, supposedly independent arbiter of student testing (ERB), should be in the business of sending paid referrals to a private, for-profit test prep company. We especially don't believe that parents should have to pay [...]

When should students start preparing for the Lower Level ISEE?

Most students applying to an independent middle school take the Lower Level ISEE in or around January of their 4th grade year. Therefore, we recommend that students start preparing the summer before their 4th grade year starts. The time consuming part of test preparation is simply ensuring that students have a firm grasp of the tested academic [...]

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Can students beat the Lower Level ISEE?

No, contrary to popular belief, tests like the ISEE, SAT, and ACT cannot be "beat." If students don't know basic vocabulary, there's no amount of tips or tricks that will magically imbue them with this knowledge. Therefore, a student's academic grades in school are the best predictor of their success on the ISEE. The Lower Level [...]

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Who should take the Lower Level ISEE?

The Lower Level ISEE is for students applying to select independent schools for grades 5 and 6. Students applying to grades 9 through 12 take the Upper Level ISEE. Students applying to grades 7 and 8 take the Middle Level ISEE. Students applying to grades 2 - 4 take the Primary ISEE. Note that not all independent schools take or [...]

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