We Empower Schools and Districts

Differentiate Instruction

With Piqosity and your existing computers and tablets, you can enable each student to learn at their own pace and style.

Support Teachers

Give your teachers the tools they need to succeed. Piqosity makes their jobs more manageable with teaching and monitoring features.

Unify Your Curriculum

Whether you’re a district of 50 schools or a school with 5 teachers, you can use Piqosity to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Monitor Progress in Real Time

You can see how your schools, teachers, and students are performing against internal or external performance benchmarks.

Analyze Results

School and district administrators benefit from real-time quantitative analysis of teacher and student performance with which to please board members and parents.

Watch a 1-Minute Demo

Take off with us! Piqosity is in beta. Students can currently practice for the ACT, SAT, and Upper Level ISEE.

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