Are you a private tutor or company?

Thousands of students visit Piqosity every month seeking help for the ISEE, SAT, and ACT.

Piqosity helps these students identify their strengths and weaknesses and source appropriate practice, but as an edtech startup, we don’t tutor students. As such, we seek local tutors and companies to refer our users to.

We Generate Valuable Leads

Our users are the clients that you want. By coming to Piqosity, they are actively seeking help. And when they pay for one of our premium products like practice for the Upper Level ISEE, they are demonstrating their willingness to pay.

No Cost To You

We don’t charge you anything to accept a referral from us. The only commitment you make is to provide a 1-hour consultation to the parent and student. You should analyze their Piqosity results and provide advice on reaching the scores they want. Additionally, as the local expert, you should also provide insight into what their target schools require for admissions purposes. Of course, you should also talk about how your tutoring services can help them. The only thing we ask in return is that you help us make Piqosity better for you and better for your students.