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You shouldn’t have to be a big school district or franchised tutoring company to enjoy advanced student & educator management with customized learning portals—free for ISEE, SAT, and ACT.

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Piqosity is built for remote, digital learning.

For example, students can use Piqosity’s built-in whiteboard on their iPad or Windows touch-enabled device to do scratch work, which is saved and attached to each practice question for later review with their tutor or teacher.

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Student & Educator Management

Organization administrators can access student and tutor/teacher accounts as if they were that user for full visibility.

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Student and Tutor/ Teacher Management

Real Score Estimate

Piqosity continuously updates the student’s estimated test day score after every full-length test and practice set.

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ISEE Stanine and ACT/SAT estimated score calculation

Full-Length Practice Tests

Paid Piqosity plans for the ISEE Upper, Middle, and Lower levels include 7 full-length practice tests. Tests for the ACT and SAT arrive this fall.

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Full Length Practice tests for the ISEE, ACT, SAT

Adaptive Practice

Piqosity can create individualized practice sets based off of a student’s weakest areas or in accordance with user’s selections.

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Adaptive, Individualized practice for the ISEE, SAT, ACT

Printable PDF Tests

Both full-length tests and personalized practice sets can be downloaded as a PDF for printing.

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Downloadable PDF tests for printing offline

Answer Explanations

Every full-length test question contains at least 1 explanation, and students may request additional ones from all educators.

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Answer explanations to test questions for ISEE, SAT, ACT

Customizable Timer

The count down timer can do standard time, time-and-a-half, and double time according to the user’s preferences.

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Customizable timer for standard time, time and a half, and double time.

Assignments with Due Dates

Tutors and teachers can create individualized assignments with due dates and monitor student progress.

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Student assignments with due dates.

Managers & Admins

Student license discounts for yourself or 100s of educators plus branded portal.

Tutors & Teachers

If you’re focused solely on teaching, this account has no business management features.

Which account is right for you?

Organization accounts get all of Piqosity’s features and can include 100s of teachers or just a sole tutor. But if you don’t need business management features or don’t want to directly pay for student licenses, start as an educator only.

Tutor/ Teacher Manager/ Admin
View student accounts as if you were that student.
Free to use with attached, valid students.
Directly pay for discounted student licenses.
Manage just yourself or 100s of tutors/ teachers.
Customize your organization's portal with logo and URL.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m considering Test Innovators?2020-07-08T12:45:02-05:00

We are confident in our product and believe in the abilities and expertise of local educators.

  1. Unlike Test Innovators, Piqosity does not sell competing tutorial services, and we do not pay for exclusionary endorsements from supposedly independent, non-profit test administrators. (Read our Open Letter to ERB regarding their arrangement with Test Innovators). In fact we aim to support all educators and publishers.
  2. Piqosity offers much more robust support for the SAT and ACT than Test Innovators, providing you with a “one-stop shop.”
  3. We guarantee you that Piqosity will cost you or your organization at least 50% less than a comparable offering from Test Innovators. We can provide this more affordable price because we’re not paying for endorsements.
Does Piqosity sell tutorial services?2019-05-23T15:32:50-05:00

No, Piqosity is purely an education technology company. We sell neither in-person nor virtual tutorial services; we do not want to compete with the educators who know their students best and whose participation is key to our user-driven platform.

How much does it cost to register as an educator or an organization?2020-06-02T15:10:36-05:00

Nothing, Piqosity’s robust features for tutors/ teachers and tutoring companies/ schools are completely free of charge. There are no contracts to sign; simply self-register and get to work helping your students right away. The only fees are the discounted licenses for students enrolled in premium courses.

Users registered as tutoring company managers or school administrators enjoy access to discounted student pricing. Of course, it is up to the organization whether or not to pass on this cost to students. Users registering only as educators do not manage their student’s course fees; instead, they can leave these to the parents.

How do tutoring companies or schools qualify for group discounts?2019-05-23T15:33:20-05:00

There is no special process to qualify for our group discount pricing. Interested organizations need only self-register, and the discount will be automatically applied according to the courses selected and number of licenses purchased. Learn more about our group pricing here.

Can my organization pay for student referrals from Piqosity?2019-07-18T15:39:04-05:00

No, Piqosity does not offer a paid student referral program. Instead, we allow student/ parent users to find tutors by using our Leaderboard and upcoming directory. Any educator or organization on Piqosity has an equal chance of being ranked on the Leaderboard.

Every organization receives a no-cost profile page that can help them attract new clients, and Piqosity neither takes an active role in nor charges a commission for referrals from this page.

What subjects can students learn on Piqosity?2019-05-23T15:33:39-05:00

Piqosity currently offers paid material for the ISEE Upper, Middle, and Lower Levels. Beginning in fall of 2019, we will also launch material for the ACT and the SAT.

Who writes Piqosity’s content?2019-05-23T15:33:56-05:00

Paid contributors and Piqosity’s own team of writers and editors have crafted the 7 full-length practice tests and more than 3,000 practice questions for the ISEE, ACT, and SAT.

This team of extraordinary individuals has more than 15 years of experience educating students, and the material has been thoroughly tested and edited. Furthermore, we are always updating the content in the event that errors are found or the material is deemed out of specification.

Beginning in 2020, we plan to accept and pay for contributions from any qualified educator user.

Should I register as an educator or an organization?2019-05-23T15:34:32-05:00

Register as a tutoring company or school if you want access to discounted student licenses and a branded portal with unique URL address. Your organization can be comprised of just you or hundreds of tutors or teachers. You must have authorization to represent your organization.

Register as a tutor or teacher if you do not have authorization to represent your organization or do not need business management features like student licensing, branded portal, and management of multiple educators.

What do I do if I still have questions?2019-05-23T15:32:17-05:00

Start by registering as a student to see how our adaptive learning platform works for your end users. Paid courses include a 7-day free trial; a credit card is not required to register, and there’s no obligation after the free trial ends.

We also have lots of detailed how-to articles in our help desk.

Of course, you can also contact our Houston office.


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