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Personalize your students’ learning and monitor their progress with peer-normed analytics.

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Piqosity is a flexible platform for educators to create and share teaching content, for their students to enjoy more personalized, peer-normed learning, and for everyone to have their curiosity piqued.

Learn more about our mission to democratize education.

Student Management

Managing your students is easy with our suite of classroom enhancing features.

Piqosity enables complete access to your students’ accounts so that you help them view lessons, do practice, review work.

The course stream allows you to communicate directly with your students. And you can share files or links with Piqosity’s share drive.

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Piqosity allows you to create detailed assignments with due dates on any combination of personalized practice, lessons, and full-length tests or test sections.

You can monitor your students’ progress on current assignments and review their performance on the ones they’ve completed.

Piqosity will automatically score and analyze your students’ assignments upon submission.

Instructional Content

Every Piqosity course contains 3 unique types of content—lessons, practice questions, and full-length tests or units.

Every topic is explained in an intuitive text or video-based lessons, including multiple variations and styles to fit each student’s needs.

Personalized practice includes multiple quiz modes like adaptive and gamified. Adaptive mode automatically adjusts the difficulty up or down, and gamified mode adds points, sounds, and badges.

Test prep courses provide up to 10 full-length practice tests; math courses contain 4 unit exams; and English courses offer at least 2 novel walk-throughs.

  • Piqosity Math Video Lesson with Script
  • Piqosity Adaptive Practice Animation
  • Answer explanation of ISEE math problem
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Bring Your Own Content

For even more control over your students’ prep, you can write your own content with Piqosity’s question and lesson editors.

Lessons can include all types of media including text, pictures, and video.

Questions can be stand-alone or passage-based, and answer choices can be multiple choice, free response, or essay.

And for even more flexibility, “Off-App Passage-Based Questions” can even assess students on readings from third party websites like the New York Times or offline activities like a science lab experiment.

Comparative Analytics

With peer-normed analytics, you’ll know how your students compare – not only to their peers but to the entire Piqosity community.

We dynamically peer-norm every question¹, so you know exactly how difficult a question is based on how real students are answering it.

Piqosity also shows you a variety of performance metrics, including improvement over time, pace, and weakest areas.

¹As of fall 2022, we’re still in the process of norming our new Math and English courses.

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Piqosity Virtual Tutor

Piqosity Virtual Tutor (PVT) is the ultimate teacher’s assistant, which guides students through Piqosity’s lessons and assessments at their own pace and level.

Like a personalized playlist for every student, PVT will individualize a course’s curriculum to each student’s unique goals and proficiency levels.

With PVT students will always be studying the correct material and working the right level of assessment for them.

English Courses




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Math Courses

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Test Prep

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Group Pricing Discounts

All of Piqosity’s courses are offered with special pricing for groups from 3 students to 3,000. Discounts are based off the number of active students in a selected course. No special enrollment is required and the discounts are applied automatically. Teacher coaching is also available for our test prep courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Piqosity sell tutorial services?2022-09-19T16:34:36-05:00

No, Piqosity is purely an education technology (and publishing) company. However, to offer a competitive product we sometimes bundle a tutor consultation and/or 1-hour of private tutoring with select packages. These services are provided by local tutors and teachers. If you are a local educator, we invite you to register for our Educator Referral Network at no-charge.

Who writes Piqosity’s content?2022-09-19T16:32:49-05:00

Everyday educators, curriculum professionals, and Piqosity’s own team of writers and editors have created the content on Piqosity’s open platform. Any qualified educator is able to create and upload their lessons and questions for use on Piqosity’s platform.

Piqosity’s in-house content team has more than 19 years of experience educating thousands of students (including in-person). The material has been thoroughly edited, tested, and peer-normed. Furthermore, we continuously update content to ensure it remains to specification and is responsive to feedback from test-takers and their educators.

How do tutoring companies or schools qualify for group discounts?2022-09-20T14:27:40-05:00

There is no special process to qualify for our group discount pricing. Interested organizations need only self-register, and the discount will be automatically applied according to the courses selected and number of licenses purchased. Learn more about our group pricing here.

How much does it cost to register as an educator or an organization?2022-09-19T16:26:53-05:00

Nothing, Piqosity’s robust features for tutors/ teachers and tutoring companies/ schools are completely free of charge. There are no contracts to sign; simply self-register and get to work helping your students right away. The only fees are the discounted licenses for students enrolled in premium courses.

Should I register as an educator or an organization?2022-09-19T16:23:56-05:00

Register as a tutor or teacher if you do not have authorization to represent your school or company or do not need to manage multiple educators.

Register as a tutoring company or school organization if you are authorized to represent your school or company and need to manage multiple educators.

Both educator and organization accounts can purchase discounted licenses on behalf of their enrolled students.

How can I get more information or schedule a demo?2022-09-19T16:36:44-05:00

Start by registering as a student to see how our adaptive learning platform works for your end users. No credit card is required to register for any course.

We also have lots of detailed how-to articles in our help desk.

Of course, you can also contact our Houston office.

What subjects can students learn on Piqosity?2022-09-19T16:25:19-05:00

Piqosity currently offers prep courses for the ACT, SAT, and ISEE Upper, Middle, and Lower levels plus math and English for grades 5-11. Click here to learn more about all of our courses including planned offerings.

Can my organization pay for student referrals from Piqosity?2021-08-23T14:05:31-05:00

There is no charge to join Piqosity’s Educator Referral Network. However, we allow student/ parent users to find tutors by using our Leaderboard and upcoming directory. Any educator or organization on Piqosity has an equal chance of being ranked on the Leaderboard.

Every organization receives a no-cost profile page that can help them attract new clients, and Piqosity neither takes an active role in nor charges a commission for referrals from this page.

Click here to learn more and join our Referral Network.

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