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success cycle

Taking practice tests is the best way to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, familiarize yourself with the test format, and build endurance. Piqosity offers up to 10 full-length practice tests, more than any of our competitors.

Use the analysis generated by mock tests to develop or refine your ISEE test prep roadmap. Read Piqosity’s content lessons or watch how-to videos to review areas where you need a little refreshing.

Internalize what you’ve reviewed in the concept lessons by discussing your findings with a peer, parent, or tutor. Use Piqosity’s question-and-answers feature and the discussion forum.

Practice does not always make perfect, but it can get you close! Work practice questions using Piqosity’s adaptive practice feature; liven things up by switching to gamified mode. If you run out practice, consider taking a complementary Piqosity course in math and English.

Repeat this cycle until you achieve your desired score!

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Complementary Courses

English 5

Bundle our 5th grade English course for 100+ more reading passages to practice with.

Math 5

Bundle our 5th grade math course for 1300+ more questions to practice with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Piqosity’s courses help my child if they are falling behind in school?2021-11-10T17:00:25-06:00

Yes! Piqosity’s courses are designed to meet your student where they are, and they can be used for both enrichment and remediation. Your child can use Piqosity’s lessons and practice materials to review and reinforce the concepts they are struggling with in class. If they aren’t sure where to start, they can take a diagnostic test to help them understand where their weaknesses lie, or they can use the Piqosity Virtual Tutor to progress through the Course Outline from start to finish.

Why is Piqosity’s Digital SAT Course Free?2024-05-09T09:29:57-05:00

Piqosity’s new Digital SAT course is currently free through May August 24, 2024. We are confident in the quality of our content but not all of it is available. Therefore, access is free because this course is still in development:

  1. Not all 12 full-length tests are available. While we intend to offer 12 digital SAT practice tests plus 2 PSAT tests, we are rolling them out sequentially between February and May, 2024.
  2. Instructional lessons are not yet uploaded. Our content team is in the process of adapting paper SAT lessons plus writing entirely new lessons and videos. These how-to guides will be uploaded beginning in May.
  3. The questions are not normed. Piqosity is unique among e-learning platforms in that every question on our platform is continuously peer-normed for difficulty. However, given the newness of the DSAT content, we don’t yet have that data. For this reason, you’ll also notice that our full-length tests are not currently numbered 1-12. Instead they have unique names like “Baker” or “Sid Rich” so that we can shuffle the order around in order to encourage more usage of certain tests during the free, development period.
Who creates Piqosity’s courses?2021-11-10T17:07:33-06:00

Our content is partly written in-house and partly by third party publishers including tutors and teachers. Our in-house team has more than 15 years of experience helping thousands of students achieve their potential at our home base in Houston and around the world.

Our content is aligned to both Common Core and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). We and our partners also write content in accordance with our experience and the specifications set forth by the test makers (i.e. ACT, College Board, and ERB).

Which ISEE level should my child take?2021-10-05T11:40:12-05:00
Where do I go for technical assistance or customer support?2021-11-10T17:02:48-06:00

Piqosity works hard to make our platform as straightforward and easy-to-navigate as possible. If you are experiencing issues, please visit our support center for immediate answers to most questions, including how-to guides for students and educators, as well as a list of known technical issues. You can also contact us via support ticket any time or call us at +1 713-234-6098 within business hours.

When should my child start preparing for the ISEE?2021-09-16T14:33:41-05:00

Assuming a winter application deadline in December or January, the majority of students will start preparing in fall. About a quarter of students plan ahead and start in summer. And another quarter play catch-up in the winter.

Read our article to learn more about when to prepare for the ISEE test.

What is the ISEE test?2021-09-16T14:52:08-05:00

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is a standardized test required by many American private schools for admission. It is comprised of 4 scored sections testing math and reading plus 1 non-scored, 2-page personal essay. The ISEE admission test lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours depending on which grade to which the student is applying. The worst stanine score is a 1 and the best score is a 9; average scores are 4, 5, and 6. Students may take the ISEE test up to 3 times a year, but most students only have two chances to make their best score before applications are due.

What is Piqosity?2021-10-08T13:46:32-05:00

Piqosity means to pique curiosity. We are a Houston-based education technology startup on a mission to rethink education. One product launch at a time, we are on a journey to democratize education publishing, personalize student learning, and empower future generations to tackle the greatest challenges. Our team has more than 18 years of tutoring and test prep experience since we first helped our first student out of a Rice University dorm room in 2003. Click here to learn more about our company.

What is a good score on the ISEE test?2022-02-21T23:06:51-06:00

When you hear other people discussing ISEE scores, they are usually referring to Stanine Scores. The Stanine Scores are also what schools usually care about most, as they provide the most succinct way of measuring a student’s performance on the ISEE test.

In general, a good ISEE score for an academically competitive school is a Stanine Score of 7, 8, or 9. Stanine Scores of 4, 5, and 6 are considered average, and scores of 1, 2, and 3 are below average. However, the comprehensive answer to this question depends on several factors, including the schools to which you are applying.

For more information, read our comprehensive article, “What is a Good Score on the ISEE?”

What if I need paper tests?2018-07-24T10:50:17-05:00

Every practice set on Piqosity, including adaptive questions and full-length mock tests, can be downloaded as a PDF file for easy printing.

Should I take an online class?2021-11-10T17:08:56-06:00

Piqosity’s online classes are suitable for many different types of self-directed learners. Whether you’re a student looking for additional \ enrichment and test prep outside of the classes or are simply looking for a little remediation, Piqosity’s courses provide you with the tools and resources you need to meet your goals.

However, online learning is not for everyone. Students who struggle to focus on the computer may find that classroom learning is better suited to their needs.

Is there a time limit to complete my Piqosity online course?2021-11-10T17:06:58-06:00

All courses are available for a full 365 days after the date of purchase. 

Is the ISEE test difficult?2021-09-16T14:52:33-05:00

The ISEE test can be difficult but it does not have to be. The ISEE tests both what students have learned in school (achievement) as well as how they apply that knowledge to new and novel situations (reasoning). The ISEE test is comprised of four scored sections in this order:

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Quantitative Reasoning
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Mathematics Achievement

High achieving students who are already performing well in school tend to naturally do well on the achievement parts of the test (Reading Comprehension and Mathematics Achievement). Conversely students who are already struggling with fractions or building their vocabularies will see those deficiencies amplified on the ISEE.

Almost all students find the two reasoning sections difficult (Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning). These two sections are specifically designed to challenge students to take their in-class learning one step further.

Is a calculator allowed on the ISEE?2021-09-16T14:53:53-05:00

No, the ISEE test does not allow a calculator on either of the two math sections of the ISEE test—Mathematics Achievement and Quantitative Reasoning. All math questions are designed to be answered without the aid of a calculator. In fact, when a question looks like it might involve many steps and complex calculations, it can often be solved very quickly with a little mental math and logic.

I’m an educator or publisher; can I publish with Piqosity?2017-03-09T14:13:20-06:00

Yes! We are actively looking for educators and publishers to contribute to our platform. Please contact us for more information.

How much should you study for the ISEE?2021-09-16T14:55:14-05:00

The average student preparing with Piqosity reports that they spent between 30 and 40 hours in total studying for the ISEE. However, how long your student will need to study for the ISEE depends on three primary factors:

  1. The academic competitiveness of the schools to which your child is applying.
  2. Your child’s baseline score after taking a diagnostic test.
  3. Your child’s desired score.

For example, an average student applying to a large private school that caters to students of different abilities will not need to study nearly as much as an average student applying to a small private school that prides itself for academic rigor.

How long is the ISEE test?2021-09-16T14:54:47-05:00

In general the ISEE test lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours with breaks, but the exact duration depends on the level of the test the student is taking.

  • The ISEE Upper Level is for students applying to grades 9-12 and lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes not including two breaks. Students must answer 160 multiple-choice questions and write 1 essay in this time period.
  • The ISEE Middle Level is for students applying to grades 7&8 and lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes not including two breaks. Students must answer 160 multiple-choice questions and write 1 essay in this time period.
  • The ISEE Lower Level is for students applying to grades 5&6 and lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes not including two breaks. Students must answer 147 multiple-choice questions and write 1 essay in this time period.
How long do ISEE results take?2021-09-16T14:54:17-05:00

ISEE test score results can take anywhere from 24-hours to 10 days before they are viewable in the ERB’s online parent portal.

Tests taken on a computer either at home or at a testing center are scored within 24-hours.

Tests taken on paper are not promised to be scored until 10-14 days after the test date. However, the reality is that most large testing sites (popular private schools) quickly turn around the results as soon as the Monday or Wednesday after a Saturday testing.

As of 2021, there was no paid option for guaranteed faster scoring since the online testing results are already so fast.

How do Piqosity’s online classes work?2021-11-10T17:08:49-06:00

As always, it’s free to sign up with Piqosity’s Community Plan, which provides you with limited access to premium content. The paid plan unlocks all of Piqosity’s key innovative platform features, including:

  • Instructional lessons with multiple variations including videos
  • Adaptive practice including the option for gamification
  • Student analytics and strengths and weakness diagnostics
  • Answer explanations from both the original author and third-party educators
  • Printable PDF practice tests and question sets
  • Timers with settings for time and a half and double time
  • Online test taking tools like whiteboard, question scratch throughs, and flagging

Register now to get started!

How do Piqosity’s ISEE practice tests compare to the actual exam in difficulty?2022-12-05T10:59:48-06:00

As a rule, our editors try to ensure that Piqosity’s first-party preparation material for the ISEE test is at or slightly above the expected difficulty of the actual ISEE. The last thing we want to do is provide unrealistically easy material that lulls families into a false sense of confidence (and the next to last thing we want to do is make the content so difficult that we scare students into feeling defeated).

Beginning in winter 2021, we started to peer norm every question on Piqosity and compare it to the actual ISEE test results. When we examined our 3,597 questions for the ISEE Upper Level on December 21, 2021, we found that students were answering our questions with a mean accuracy of 51.25% and a median accuracy of 51.75%, which is nearly exactly the same as the official ISEE results reported from students testing in November of 2021.

However, Piqosity’s norm group is smaller and likely more studious than the ISEE-taking population as a whole, which means that Piqosity’s content may skew more difficult than what students can expect to find on the actual ISEE.

How do I register to take the ISEE test?2021-09-16T14:55:33-05:00

Parents must create an online account at ERB to register for the ISEE test:

  1. Create an online account at ERB
  2. Pick a test date and location (online, school, or testing center)
  3. Pay a fee of between $140 and $200 depending on the location

To avoid paying a $30 late registration fee, parents should register at least 3-weeks before their desired testing date.

Some testing locations require an access code to register because they only test students enrolled or applying to their school. Parents obtain this code by speaking with the school’s admissions team.

How do I prepare my child for the ISEE test?2022-09-19T16:19:36-05:00

As a parent or tutor you might be anxious about preparing your student for the ISEE especially since you probably never took this relatively new and niche test yourself. But Piqosity makes it easy; if you can explain To Kill a Mocking Bird or remember Algebra I, then you can also tutor the ISEE:

  1. Start by having your student take a diagnostic test to understand their starting point; Piqosity’s free mini-diagnostic will work.
  2. Walk them through the math and English concepts they’re weak in; Piqosity’s lessons will help you.
  3. Have them work full-length practice tests to find knowledge gaps and get them comfortable with the test format and question styles; Piqosity offers 10 full-length practice tests.

Read more in our guide, “How to Tutor the ISEE as a Parent or Tutor.”

How can we trust Piqosity’s ISEE, ACT, and SAT test prep content?2024-06-25T16:57:19-05:00

Our preparation material for standardized tests like the ISEE, ACT, and SAT go through a rigorous research, writing, and editing process:

  1. We analyze the test specifications released from the publishers like College Board and ACT.
  2. We analyze the previously released official practice tests.
  3. We write our practice tests based off this analysis while citing official practice test questions.
  4. We edit each question and test for facsimile to the official tests, difficulty, and completeness.
  5. We peer norm each question with actual students.
  6. And because 10,000 sets of eyes are still better than our 10 sets, we continuously make improvements from your feedback.

Our brilliant writers scored in the top 1% on these tests, and our Houston-based team of editor/educators has more than 20 years of experience in K12 education. We won’t let you down!

Does Piqosity offer tutoring?2021-10-08T13:43:30-05:00

No, as an education-technology company, Piqosity does not directly provide tutorial services. However, we do partner with independent, third-party educators across the world. Some of our course packages include a consultation or tutorial session with these tutors and teachers.

Do Piqosity’s math and ELA courses last a full school year?2021-11-10T17:01:35-06:00

Currently, all of our Math and ELA courses are estimated to take around 40 hours to complete. School is in session for roughly 35 weeks out of the year; assuming a student works roughly 1 hour per week, your Piqosity math course will take the average student a full academic year to complete. Students using Piqosity to remediate or prepare for a standardized test such as the ISEE Lower Level, will likely have to compress this timeline.

Do Piqosity’s classes come with tutoring hours?2021-11-10T17:07:58-06:00

Piqosity does not provide tutorial services. However, we do partner with independent, third-party educators across the world. Some of our course packages include a consultation or tutorial session with these tutors and teachers.

Do I receive a certificate of completion or course credit for a Piqosity course?2021-11-10T17:06:50-06:00

Piqosity is not an accredited institution and does not offer course credit. We do not currently offer certificates of completion at this time, but are working towards doing so in the near future.

Can I use Piqosity’s courses to teach a class or tutor?2021-11-10T17:07:41-06:00

Yes! We built Piqosity not only to be user friendly for parents and students at home but also for the advanced needs of tutors and teachers. Key features for educators include:

  • Student management including the ability to see everything the student sees
  • Automatic scoring and analysis of all student work
  • Assignments with due dates
  • Custom Branding (tutoring companies and schools)

The biggest features for educators are still yet to come. Beginning this fall we will open up our platform to enable any qualified educator to upload their own instructional content to Piqosity. This means that educators will be able to create their own lessons and questions. They will be able to share this content with all users or just with their own students.We are actively looking for educators and publishers to contribute to our platform. Please contact us for more information.

Can I try before I buy?2021-09-08T10:29:52-05:00

Yes! All of our courses include a free “Community” plan with limited access to premium content like mini diagnostic tests. No credit card is required to register. If you decide that you want access to more premium content, simply upgrade your plan. Upgraded course plans are single-pay, non-recurring, and provide access for 365-days from the date of purchase.

Can I print Piqosity’s course materials?2021-11-10T17:06:21-06:00

Yes! Every practice set on Piqosity, including adaptive questions and full-length tests, can be downloaded as a PDF file for easy printing.

Can I cancel at anytime?2021-09-08T10:32:40-05:00

If you upgrade from the free Community plan, your credit card will only be charged the one time with no recurring fees. All paid plans are currently valid for 365 days from the date of activation. No credit card is required to initially register for Piqosity’s free Community plan.

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