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ACT Practice Tests & Study Guide

10 Full-Length ACT Mock Tests & 60+ Lessons Including Videos

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Our ACT Practice Tests Make Prep Easy

List of ACT full-length tests

10 Full-Length Practice Tests

Full-length ACT practice tests faithfully mimic the actual ACT in both style and tested concepts.

ACT Content Lesson Mockup

70+ Content Lessons

With more than 70 tutorials, students can review tested concepts like fractions and grammar directly within the Piqosity app.

ACT predicted score icon

Real Score Prediction

Piqosity estimates a student’s test-day scores (overall and sub-tests) in real time with each practice set.

Drop down for ACT adaptive practice

Personalized Practice

Students can break up tests into adaptive practice sets, which adjust to their strengths and weaknesses.

Graphic for ACT essay

Writing Test Prompts

Every full-length ACT test contains a sample essay prompt, which students can type in Piqosity for later review.

ACT answer explanation unit circle

Answer Explanations

Every ACT practice test question contains at least 1 answer explanation, and students can request additional ones from our experts.

ACT countdown timer

Timing Preferences

Students can select their timing preferences including standard, time-and-a-half, and double time..

Whiteboard for ACT math problems


Piqosity is built for remote learning. A digital whiteboard captures scratch work and saves it for later review.

ACT test Print Icon

Print at Home

All content including full-length tests and individualized practice sets are downloadable as PDF for easy printing.

Learn About the ACT

Essay (optional)

The ACT is the second most popular admissions tests for applying to college in the United States. Administered by ACT, Inc., the test can be taken with or without the Writing section. With the Writing section, the ACT is a 5-part, 3-hours and 35 minutes exam. Without the Writing section, the ACT is a 4-part, 2-hours and 55 minutes exam.

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See our free answer explanations for the official ACT practice tests

5 Sections of ACT


Seconds per Question


Seconds per Question


Seconds per Question


Seconds per Question



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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need paper tests?2018-07-24T10:50:17-05:00

Every practice set on Piqosity, including adaptive questions and full-length mock tests, can be downloaded as a PDF file for easy printing.

Does Piqosity offer tutoring?2017-07-05T17:04:34-05:00

No, Piqosity does not provide tutorial services. However, we may be able to suggest ISEE tutors in your area upon request. We are an education technology company that partners with educators and publishers. If you’re a tutor, click here to learn how to partner with us.

I’m an educator or publisher; can I publish with Piqosity?2017-03-09T14:13:20-06:00

Yes! We are actively looking for educators and publishers to contribute to our platform. Please contact us for more information.

Who writes your content?2018-12-20T11:14:05-06:00

Our content is partly written in-house and partly by third party publishers including tutors and teachers. Our in-house team has more than 15 years of experience helping thousands of students achieve their potential in Houston (where we’re based) and around the world.

We and our partners write content in accordance with our experience and the specifications set forth by the test makers (i.e. ACT, College Board, and ERB). To avoid mismanaging expectations, our material is meant to be challenging while still matching the tested topics and question types.

What is Piqosity?2018-07-24T10:53:42-05:00

We are a Houston-based education technology startup seeking to provide quality, personalized, and affordable learning solutions to everyone. Our team has more than 15 years of tutoring and test prep experience since we first tutored our first student out of a Rice University dorm room in 2003. Click here to learn more about our company.

Can I cancel at anytime?2021-09-08T10:32:40-05:00

If you upgrade from the free Community plan, your credit card will only be charged the one time with no recurring fees. All paid plans are currently valid for 365 days from the date of activation. No credit card is required to initially register for Piqosity’s free Community plan.

Can I try before I buy?2021-09-08T10:29:52-05:00

Yes! All of our courses include a free “Community” plan with limited access to premium content like mini diagnostic tests. No credit card is required to register. If you decide that you want access to more premium content, simply upgrade your plan. Upgraded course plans are single-pay, non-recurring, and provide access for 365-days from the date of purchase.

Affordable Pricing

ACT Course Individual User Plans

Piqosity's ACT course pricing starts at $0 for the Community Plan.

The chart above is for users who sign up directly with Piqosity beginning September 6, 2021.

  • No credit card is required to register for the free “Community” plan.
  • All plans include unlimited access for 365 days.
  • Lower-tier plans can be upgraded after initial purchase; however, the upgrade will not extend the initial validity period of the plan.

tutor userIncluded Services for Individual Users

Beginning September 6, 2021, all directly paid, individual user plans include a one-time consulting and/or tutorial services provided by a qualified educator. These services will help to ensure that parents and students get off to a great start and know how to correctly use Piqosity’s platform.

These consultation and tutorial services are provided by third-party educators not employed by Piqosity. Parents will have the opportunity to select from up to three available providers.

Have you already made your purchase?

Parent-Tutor Consultation

The purpose of the Parent-Tutor Consultation is for parents to get a better understanding of the steps required for their child to succeed on the selected test. These consultations are between a qualified tutor or manager and the student’s parent or guardian.

  1. Students are not generally part of this meeting.
  2. Consultations should last approximately 20-minutes.
  3. Consultations are generally virtual but can take place in-person.

Topics to be covered in the consultation include:

  1. answering a parent’s general questions about the selected course,
  2. showing some quick tips on how to best use Piqosity, and
  3. providing recommendations on next-steps to prepare.

Private Tutorial

The purpose of the Private Tutorial is for a student to review their completed mini diagnostic test with an experienced tutor and get some quick tips and strategies.

  1. Tutoring sessions are one-to-one with the designated student.
  2. The session will last a maximum of 1-hour.
  3. Sessions are generally virtual but can take place in-person when available.

Topics to be covered in the 1-hour tutoring session include:

  1. reviewing the student’s Piqosity mini-diagnostic test,
  2. showing some quick tips on how to best use Piqosity, and
  3. providing recommendations on next-steps to prepare.

Group Pricing for Educators

Discounted, per-student pricing is available to any educator including schools, tutoring companies, teachers, or tutors. Each student license is charged individually depending on the number of active licenses in the educator’s account.

Only one type of plan is available for group discounts–the Group Plan. The Group Plan includes access to all 10 full-length practice tests but no additional services or bundled courses.

The chart below shows the current pricing structure of the Group Plan. For example, an educator with 10 students would pay $199 for the first student, $149 for the 10th student, and $1,738 in total for all 10 students.

No application is required; to qualify for group pricing, simply register as an educator or organization, and the discounts will be automatically applied.

Free ACT and SAT Prep Courses for Public Schools

Public schools in the United States qualify for free access to our ACT and SAT courses through our Piqosity Pilot program. Click here to learn more and join.

Piqosity's group pricing for ACT and SAT starts at $149.

Please note that ACT® is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc., which does not endorse this product.

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