tutor with students

We are building Piqosity to be a paradigm-shifting, personalized, e-learning platform. However, there’s currently no amount of technology that can replace a human educator’s ability to empathize and inspire. As such, Piqosity’s students generally use our platform in tandem with a qualified educator or a supportive parent.

Therefore along with our September pricing update, we will be bundling offline tutoring and consulting services with our online e-learning courses. These services will be fulfilled by you–local, third-party educators who know your market and students the best.

We invite tutors and teachers to join our Educator Referral Network. Establishing this network enables

  1. Families to more easily access local expertise and secure tutorial services,
  2. Educators to showcase their abilities and secure new clients, and for
  3. Piqosity to offer more value and services to our users.

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Services Fulfilled by Educators

There are two services that we are asking educators to fulfill on our behalf:

  1. 20-minute parent-tutor consultation
  2. 1-hour private tutoring session with the student

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Parent-Tutor Consultation

Parent-Tutor consultations are between a qualified tutor or manager and the student’s parent or guardian; students are not generally part of this meeting.

  1. Topics to be covered in the consultation include:
    1. answering a parent’s general questions about the selected course
    2. showing some quick tips on how to best use Piqosity
    3. providing recommendations on next-steps to prepare
  2. Consultations should last approximately 20-minutes.
  3. Consultations are generally virtual but can take place in-person.

Private Tutoring Session

Tutoring sessions are one-to-one with the designated student.

  1. Topics to be covered in the 1-hour tutoring session include:
    1. reviewing the student’s Piqosity mini-diagnostic test
    2. showing some quick tips on how to best use Piqosity
    3. providing recommendations on next-steps to prepare
  2. The session must last for at least 1-hour.
  3. Tutoring sessions are generally virtual but can take place in-person.

Additional Services

These consultations and introductory private tutoring sessions are an excellent way for families to learn about an educator’s offerings, experience, and capabilities. Many families will be interested in purchasing follow-on services. Piqosity will neither manage nor collect payment for additional services rendered between the educator and student.

Eligible Students

Only individual students who have purchased certain Piqosity packages will be eligible for an included consultation or private tutorial. Students who join Piqosity as part of an organization or a tutor are ineligible. Furthermore, the eligible student must request the service before Piqosity matches them to an educator. As such, educators should feel confident that Piqosity’s student referrals are serious about improving their scores and likely to want additional tutorial services.

How We Match Students with Educators

  1. Eligible students submit a form to us asking for their included consultation or 1-hour of private tutoring.
  2. We respond to their request with a list of participating educators sorted by:
    1. Location
    2. Leaderboard Status
  3. Students pick who they want to work with.
  4. We introduce the student to the selected educator.
  5. The educator fulfills the promised services and may offer additional consulting or tutorials.

Standing Out

Educators can stand out on our Leaderboard through two primary ways:

  1. Enrolling students in Piqosity and helping them increase their scores
  2. Contributing instructional lessons and practice questions to the platform

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Communication Logistics

Initially, one of Piqosity’s human coordinators will connect an eligible student with the selected educator. This coordinator will play no additional role after the connection has been confirmed. By spring of 2022, we plan to launch a feature within the Piqosity app to automate this process.

Follow-Up Surveys

Piqosity will not dictate the scope or fees of follow-on services; however, we will ask both educators and students to complete a survey about their experience. We reserve the right to terminate our referral relationship with educators who receive consistently poor reviews.

Piqosity Does Not Charge for Referrals or Additional Services

There is neither a fee for an educator to join our referral network nor to accept a student. Furthermore, Piqosity does not manage or take a commission on additional services rendered between the educator and student.

The only cost to the educator is the time to provide the promised service; Piqosity does not monetarily reimburse the educator.