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We Help Develop Strong, Diverse Students

We are losing a global education race.

The OECD ranks the United States at #28 for math & science schooling.

The Average US Classroom Has 22 Students.

But just 1 teacher who cannot teach every child 1-to-1.

The US Population is Racially Diverse.

Race has many implications and cannot be ignored

Income Inequality Exacerbates Challenges.

Family background has a big impact on learning style and aspirations.

Piqosity’s SAAS technology and marketplace are tackling these challenges.

Our student management and analysis software enable educators to better understand their students’ unique and changing needs. An educator-driven content marketplace enables vast and customizable content and curriculum delivery.

Shelby Joe
Shelby JoeCEO & Co-Founder
A Mississippi native, Shelby has more than 13 years in for-profit education experience. His first job out of college was as a management consultant, and he is a one-time college lecturer. He earned his BA in Political Science from Rice University.
Kannan Ramakrishnan
Kannan RamakrishnanCTO & Co-Founder
Kannan has more than 13 years of coding and architecture experience at big & small companies. He has a MA in Computer Apps from College of Engineering, Guindy. Based in Bangalore, he brings global insight and expertise.
Jim Finnigan
Jim FinniganAdvisor for Business Strategy
A classic MBA success story, Jim earned a BS in engineering from Rice University, toiled as a management consultant, then earned an MBA from Stanford before co-founding and exiting from the peer-lending startup Social Finance.
John Haro
John HaroAdvisor for Academic Strategy
Dr. Haro brings a wealth of experience to our team. He retired as superintendent of Minnesota’s Rosemont-Apple Valley-Egan school district and now teaches at St. Thomas University. He has a lot of degrees.