To pique a student’s curiosity is to imbue them with the power to accomplish anything.

We believe in the power of education to pique a curiosity to know the unknown.

Piqosity’s SAAS technology and content marketplace are tackling big challenges.

Piqosity is an integrated assessments and personalized learning platform. We enable educators to better understand their students’ strengths and weaknesses and for students to proactively improve and nurture their capabilities.

Shelby Joe (周) is Piqosity’s founder. He first started tutoring out of his Rice University dorm room in 2003.

I am lucky and honored to have this opportunity to make a difference. My grandparents immigrated from their homeland–devastated by the second World War–barely able to read or write in their native language. Yet, in America they found hope, tenacity, and a community rooting for their success. They lived the American Dream, a dream largely driven by opportunity through education.

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What Motivates Us

$1.3 trillion of annual K12 education spending is failing our society. We don’t think that the color of your skin or the size of your family’s bank account should be so inextricably linked with educational outcomes. We know that we can do better.

us global education map

We are losing a global education race.

The OECD ranks the United States at #28 for math & science schooling.

22 students classroom

The Average US Classroom Has 22 Students.

But just 1 teacher who cannot teach every child 1-to-1.

ACT Scores by Race for 2019

The US Population is Racially Diverse.

Race has systemic implications that must be addressed.

Income Inequality Exacerbates Challenges.

Family background has a big impact on learning style and aspirations.