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ISEE Practice Tests for the Middle Level

10 Full-Length ISEE Practice Tests for Applying to Grades 7&8
Strengths and Weakness Analysis, Score Estimate, Personalized Practice, and More

iPad with ISEE Practice Test and Lessons dashboard for ISEE Middle Level

The ISEE Middle Level is for students applying to grades 7&8.
For applying to grades 6&7, see the ISEE Lower Level. For applying to grades 9-12, see the ISEE Upper Level.

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Our ISEE Middle Level Practice Tests Make Prep Easy

List of ISEE Practice Tests

10 Full-Length Practice Tests

Students will be hard pressed to run out of work with our market-leading, 10 full-length practice tests.

ISEE content lesson mockup

60+ Concept Lessons

With more than 60+ tutorials, students can review tested concepts like fractions and grammar directly within the Piqosity app.

Icon of ISEE score prediction

Stanine Score Prediction

Piqosity estimates a student’s test-day stanine scores (overall and sub-tests) in real time with each practice set.

ISEE adaptive practice setup screen

Personalized Practice

Students can take full-length tests or let Piqosity adapt questions to their individual strengths & weaknesses.

ISEE Answer explanation example screenshot

Answer Explanations

Every ISEE practice test question contains at least 1 answer explanation, and students can request additional ones from our experts.

Whiteboard for ISEE math questions

Whiteboard for Tablets

Piqosity is built for remote learning. A digital whiteboard captures scratch work and saves it for later review.

All ISEE practice material is printable after downloading as a PDF file.

Print at Home

All content including full-length tests and individualized practice sets are downloadable as PDF for easy printing.

Personalized Timing Preferences

Timing Preferences

Students can select their timing preferences including standard, time-and-a-half, and double time..

Sample ISEE essay prompts graphic

Sample Essay Prompts

Every full-length ISEE test contains a sample essay prompt, which students can type in Piqosity for later review.

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About the ISEE Middle Level


The Middle Level of the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is one of the most popular admissions tests for applying to private middle schools (grades 7 and 8) in the United States. Administered by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB), it is a 5-part, 3-hour exam, which can be taken up to 3 times a year.

For everything you need to know about getting prepared, check out our free “Ultimate ISEE Prep Guide.”

5 Sections of the ISEE Middle Level

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Verbal Reasoning


Quantitative Reasoning


Reading Comprehension


Mathematics Achievement


Personal Essay


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can students “beat” the Middle Level ISEE?2020-08-11T14:04:02-05:00

No, contrary to popular belief, standardized tests like the ISEE, SAT, and ACT cannot be “beaten.” If students don’t know basic vocabulary, there’s no amount of tips or tricks that will magically imbue them with this knowledge.

Therefore, a student’s academic grades in school are the best predictor of their success on the ISEE. The Middle Level ISEE is a standardized way for junior high schools to measure applicants’ performance from different middle schools. The best type of preparation is that which ensures students know the fundamental concepts that are being tested in math and English.

Who should take the Middle Level ISEE?2020-08-11T14:01:14-05:00

The Middle Level ISEE is for students applying to select independent schools for grades 7 and 8. Students applying to grades 9 through 12 take the Upper Level ISEE. Students applying to grades 5 and 6 take the Lower Level ISEE. Students applying to grades 2 – 4 take the Primary ISEE. Note that not all independent schools take or require the ISEE so check with your target schools’s admissions department before prepping!

When should students start preparing for the Middle ISEE?2020-08-11T13:58:59-05:00

Most students applying to an independent junior high school take the Middle Level ISEE in or around January of their 6th grade year. Therefore, we recommend that students start preparing the summer before their 6th grade year starts. The time consuming part of test preparation is simply ensuring that students have a firm grasp of the tested academic material in math and English. For example, if your child is weak on fractions or reading at a 5th grade level, that will take some time to remediate.

Is Piqosity endorsed by the ERB?2020-11-20T10:34:53-06:00

No, Piqosity has not approached the non-profit ERB (the ISEE’s publisher) about buying their endorsement. We don’t believe that any non-profit, supposedly independent arbiter of student testing (ERB), should be in the business of sending paid referrals to a private, for-profit test prep company. We especially don’t believe that parents should have to pay $380 for 1 retired test from a single vendor. Read our open letter to ERB for more information.

Do you have any testimonials?2020-11-20T10:36:55-06:00

No, we don’t believe in publishing hollow platitudes that we either hand-picked or completely made up! But you can easily explore our offerings with a no-credit-card-required, free trial or visit our Leaderboard to get an idea of the thousands of other students and educators (including fancy schools and big tutoring companies) who are happily using our platform.

What is the catch with free courses?2020-08-31T12:59:42-05:00

We know that the COVID-19 crisis has massively disrupted the academic year, and we want to do our part to help out. If you register for a free ACT or SAT course, no credit card is required at sign-up, and you will retain free, unlimited access to the original content for a minimum of 1-year. This offer is subject to capacity controls.

What if I need paper tests?2018-07-24T10:50:17-05:00

Every practice set on Piqosity, including adaptive questions and full-length mock tests, can be downloaded as a PDF file for easy printing.

Does Piqosity offer tutoring?2017-07-05T17:04:34-05:00

No, Piqosity does not provide tutorial services. However, we may be able to suggest ISEE tutors in your area upon request. We are an education technology company that partners with educators and publishers. If you’re a tutor, click here to learn how to partner with us.

I’m an educator or publisher; can I publish with Piqosity?2017-03-09T14:13:20-06:00

Yes! We are actively looking for educators and publishers to contribute to our platform. Please contact us for more information.

Who writes your content?2018-12-20T11:14:05-06:00

Our content is partly written in-house and partly by third party publishers including tutors and teachers. Our in-house team has more than 15 years of experience helping thousands of students achieve their potential in Houston (where we’re based) and around the world.

We and our partners write content in accordance with our experience and the specifications set forth by the test makers (i.e. ACT, College Board, and ERB). To avoid mismanaging expectations, our material is meant to be challenging while still matching the tested topics and question types.

What is Piqosity?2018-07-24T10:53:42-05:00

We are a Houston-based education technology startup seeking to provide quality, personalized, and affordable learning solutions to everyone. Our team has more than 15 years of tutoring and test prep experience since we first tutored our first student out of a Rice University dorm room in 2003. Click here to learn more about our company.

Can I cancel at anytime?2020-04-21T15:59:32-05:00

If you purchase a course at the conclusion of your free trial, your credit card will only be charged the one time with no recurring fees. All paid plans are currently valid for 365 days from the date of activation. No credit card is required to activate a free trial.

Can I try before I buy?2021-02-01T14:17:34-06:00

Yes! All courses include a 7-day risk free trial. No credit card is required to register, and we will not send you a bill if you do not stick around. If you like what you see, simply activate the course and submit your card information. Courses are single-pay, non-recurring, and provide access for 365-days.

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