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Sara holds a BA in English and Linguistics from The University of Texas at Austin. A native Houstonian, she began writing for Piqosity in 2021.

It’s Time to Talk About ACT Timing Tips

When you’re preparing to take a standardized test, understanding and practicing test-taking strategies is almost as important as studying the material you’ll be tested on. After all, you only have a limited amount of time to answer the 215 questions on the ACT—understanding ACT timing and learning how to manage your time can help [...]

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Is Online ACT Test Prep Worth It?

Those with the ACT test on their horizon have several options when it comes to test prep—after all, a good ACT score can heighten any student’s chances of getting into the college of their choice or earning an important scholarship. ACT online prep can be an affordable and effective option for test prep, but [...]

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Tips for Summer Learning Loss Prevention – Stop the Summer Slide!

Summer learning loss prevention is key in making sure that no students are left behind when school starts up again.​​ Students who allow their brains to idle over summer risk a knowledge loss that leads to cumulative deficits year over year. Conversely, students who continue learning over the summer are likely to earn higher [...]

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Adventurous Books for Summer Reading | Grades 4-12

  It’s finally summer break! Take this time to rest and have fun, but make sure you find a book or two to read over the holiday. If you’re wondering, “is summer reading necessary?”, the answer is YES! If you’re not reading at all over the summer, you’re turning your back on the reading [...]

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Books to Increase Vocabulary for Each Grade Level

Having a wide vocabulary is an essential skill to develop throughout one’s life, and it’s especially vital for grade students that have exams and college in their future. That’s why we’ve developed this collection of books to increase vocabulary, including one book aligned to each grade between 4th and 11th grade so that any [...]

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