Announcing Launch of Geometry and ELA 9 Courses

We're excited to announce the launch of our new ELA 9 and Geometry courses designed primarily for ninth grade students. They come bundled together for unparalleled levels of practice to help with the challenge of beginning high school. While students have been busy with the start of a new school year, we have been busy [...]

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Mississippi National Merit Semifinalists 2022-23

For 149 Mississippi high school seniors, the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Competition brought good news: these high-achieving students have earned the celebrated “Semifinalist” designation. In order to do so, they had to score among the top 1% of Mississippi students who took the PSAT/NMSQT in October of 2021.  As a percentage of the senior class, [...]

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Piqosity 2.0 Migration Updates

9/8 - We deployed a significant update this afternoon to decrease loading times in the student quiz view, improve usability of the new Piqosity 2.0 teacher assignments feature, and improve the user interface for students completing assignments. We also applied a patch to improve adaptive practice utilizing dynamic difficulty. This article is no longer [...]

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Announcing Piqosity 2.0

A brand new version of the Piqosity adaptive, e-learning app has just launched! For over seven months our engineering team has been hard at work on updating our hosting architecture, back-end code, user interface, and new features. This update is so substantial that we're basically releasing an all new app—Piqosity 2.0, and it's bringing [...]

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Author Robin Owens’ “Letters to Grange” Adapted for Upcoming ELA 7 Course

Each of our ELA courses has nearly 100 passages – after students read one, they are tasked with answering ten reading comprehension questions. We typically source these passages from academic or news sources, public domain literature, or our excellent staff of writers.  “Letters to Grange” is different – Houston teacher and author Robin Owens [...]

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Announcing Launch of Math 6 and ELA 6 Courses

Today, we're proud to announce the launch of our sixth grade math and English courses. These new courses join our existing math and English courses for grades 5, 8, and 11. The impending launch of our ELA 7 and Pre-Algebra courses this spring will round out our middle school offerings. This onslaught of new [...]

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10 Books to Improve Vocabulary Acquisition

An enriched vocabulary yields improved communication and comprehension of English—Piqosity has curated this collection of books to improve vocabulary skills for the purpose of providing a resource for anyone looking to build and strengthen their vocabulary. These novels contain precise and imaginative diction, helping you develop your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills while being [...]

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Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities: ELA

Whether your students are seven (and giddy about the candy), or seventeen (and developing intense infatuations), they’re sure to enjoy our collection of Valentine’s Day classroom activities! With these language arts Valentine’s Day activities, students can engage with the celebratory aspects of the holiday while practicing key skills, including critical thinking, close reading, and [...]

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Private School Interview Questions: A Guide

Getting accepted to a prestigious private school isn’t just about showing off your stellar grades; it’s about showing the admissions team that you are a good fit for the educational community they want to foster—that means facing down some (potentially tricky) private school interview questions. But don’t fear: Piqosity is here to help! In this [...]

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