DSAT Course Construction Notice

The SAT Digital Course is a work-in-progress. Please pardon our errors: Concept review lessons (text) are incomplete Piqosity Virtual Tutor will show construction messages for unfinished lessons In Personalized Practice, do not use the "Math - Do Not Use" topic since these are questions that we have not finished porting over from the paper [...]

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Announcing Major Summer App Update

We successfully deployed our most complex update ever to the Piqosity application on Thursday, June 13, 2024. These are the biggest changes existing users should be aware of: A New Student Questionnaire helps to orient students when they first log in. The Student Dashboard has been completely reimagined. Piqosity Virtual Tutor 2 (PVT [...]

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Announcing Our ACT Test Prep Video Course

Our ACT online test prep now includes an available Premium Video Course with nearly 15 hours of instruction and guided practice split across 62 videos. The video course is meant to replicate a standard, in-person ACT prep class but from the comfort and convenience of the student's home. Each of the 62 ACT prep [...]

App Update to Teacher Assignments

Happy holidays from all of us at Piqosity! This morning our engineering team deployed a major update to the very popular Assignments feature whereby teachers can create assignments with both lessons and questions for students with due dates. We completely rewrote the backend code to improve performance and updated the user interface to be [...]

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App Update to Personalized Practice

Our engineering team took a break from the post-Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy to push a big app update, particularly to the student features of Personalized Practice and Review Activities. Highlights from this update include: Personalized Practice is completely rewritten both with the student user interface and backend engineering. We updated [...]

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12 ISEE Practice Tests, Full-Length

Piqosity's market leading ISEE prep courses just got even better. Our top tier Advanced package now includes 12 full-length, level-specific ISEE practice tests, and the middle tier Honors package now includes 6 full-length ISEE practice tests. We've also added hundreds of new questions to our Personalized Practice feature. The new ISEE practice tests are [...]

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App Service Disruption

Dear Piqosity Students, Parents, and Educators, This is a notice that our servers have suffered a security breach. What happened? On July 2, 2023 at approximately 9pm US Central Time, we discovered that our Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting account had been the target of unauthorized access and our primary and secondary systems deleted. [...]

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Announcing Launch of Pre-Calculus and ELA 10 Courses

We're excited to announce the launch of our new ELA 10 and Pre-Calculus courses designed primarily for ninth grade students. They come bundled together for unparalleled levels of practice to help with the challenge of beginning high school. With these launches and our future roadmap, Piqosity is taking its place as the web's leading e-learning [...]

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