ISEE Middle Level 7 Full-Length Practice Tests

Piqosity now offers 7 full-length practice tests for the ISEE Middle Level for students applying to grades 7 and 8. These practice tests and their associated adaptive practice questions are available to purchase now for just $99. Sign up now for a 7-day, no-credit-card-required free trial. In total, Piqosity's practice material for the ISEE Middle [...]

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Free ISEE Diagnostic Practice Tests

Our Christmas update brings new, free ISEE practice tests for the Upper, Middle, and Lower levels and enhanced app performance! To keep up with surging student numbers, we gave ourselves the gift of new server hardware for Christmas. You'll notice the difference with these new AMD-powered servers in significantly faster loading times across the [...]

Free Online ACT and SAT Prep Offered by Houston Ed-Tech Startup

Piqosity, a Houston-based e-learning startup is making its online ACT and SAT practice tests, instructional videos, and prep guides freely available in response to the ongoing disruptions caused by Covid-19. Its comprehensive suite of e-learning tools enables college applicants to do their best on these high stakes tests. Piqosity includes 20 full-length SAT and [...]

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Introducing Animated Video Lessons

Several weeks ago we made a major update to Piqosity which introduced in-app concept review lessons across our ISEE, ACT, and SAT preparation courses. That initial batch of more than 100 lessons was mostly text and image-based. Today's update brings the first 20 videos--approximately 2-hours--on a broad range of math topics ranging from fundamentals like [...]

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Major Fall Update Introduces Concept Lessons

Early Friday morning we pushed a major software update to Piqosity which introduces Concept Lessons. These lessons allow students to brush up on tested academic concepts directly within the Piqosity application. For example, if an ISEE student doesn't quite understand the probability, they can now read a lesson walking them through the topic. Now [...]

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What is Tested on the ISEE Lower Level – An Analysis of Topics, Difficulty, and Even Word Counts

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) Lower Level is a popular admissions test taken by American students applying to private US middle schools for grades 5 and 6. It is developed and marketed by the non-profit Educational Records Bureau (ERB). Students receive about 2.5-hours to complete the 117-question ISEE, which is comprised of 4, [...]

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10 ISEE Practice Tests Available Now

Piqosity now offers a market-leading 10 full-length ISEE practice tests each for the Upper, Middle, and Lower level ISEE tests. No other content publisher comes close to offering this amount of ISEE practice tests*. Piqosity's tests are level-specific, meaning that there really are 10 tests for each level of the ISEE for applying to [...]

Pursuing a Dream – Why I Founded Piqosity

A native Mississippian and 3rd generation Chinese-American, Shelby Joe explains his motivation for founding Piqosity. Shelby Joe (4th from left) with his Rice University students at the Great Wall of China. I started Piqosity, because I’m passionate about learning and about helping students and their educators achieve their aspirations. Shelby's Grandmother [...]

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Free ACT and SAT Practice Tests

After more than a year in development, (pique+curiosity) is excited to announce the launch of its practice tests for the ACT* and SAT* college admissions exams. Available immediately for free, each course features 7 full-length practice tests, which can be worked online straight through or broken up and personalized according to the student's [...]

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Remote Tutoring Apps and Tips

Remote tutoring with video chat software like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet is a natural fit for Piqosity's adaptive practice platform for ISEE Upper Level, ISEE Lower Level, ACT, and SAT. With no bulky books and scattered papers to worry about, Piqosity and video chat software enable tutors to efficiently work with students without geographic restrictions. The [...]

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