FAQ’s for the ACT college admission tests.

How can we trust Piqosity’s ISEE, ACT, and SAT test prep content?

Our preparation material for standardized tests like the ISEE, ACT, and SAT go through a rigorous research, writing, and editing process: We analyze the test specifications released from the publishers like College Board and ACT. We analyze the previously released official practice tests. We write our practice tests based off this analysis while citing official [...]

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How many times can you take the ACT?

You can take the ACT up to 12 times, although most students stop at 2-3 retakes. We strongly encourage you to take your final ACT exam at least 6 weeks before your college application deadlines. Keep in mind that early decision deadlines are typically November 1st and 15th, and standard deadlines generally begin in January. [...]

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When do ACT scores come out?

After you finish your ACT exam, you may wonder something along the lines of, “How long does it take to get ACT scores?” Students who take the full ACT without the writing component should receive their scores roughly 2 weeks after their test dates. Students who take the ACT test without the writing component should [...]

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What is a good ACT score?

What qualifies as a “good” score on the ACT depends on the goals of each particular student, the average scores required by their top choice of college or university, and the overall strength of a student’s application. In general, students are advised to aim for a composite score of at least 24 (which places you [...]

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Are calculators allowed on the ACT?

Yes, calculators are allowed on the ACT; graphic calculators are typically the most popular option. Check the ACT’s calculator policy to learn more about what calculators are allowed on the ACT.   In addition to an appropriate calculator, make sure you bring the following on test day: Your up-to-date admission ticket - Log into your MyAct [...]

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How long does the ACT take?

Including a 30 minute break, the full ACT without the writing component takes roughly 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete. If students elect to write the optional essay, the test takes an additional 40 minutes to complete (so roughly 4 hours, including breaks).  How many questions are on the ACT? The ACT is composed [...]

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How should I prepare for the ACT?

ACT preparation begins long before test day, and is primarily a reflection of the knowledge and skills a student learns over time in the classroom. However, test prep can help you review important concepts and, importantly, help test takers become more familiar and comfortable with the test itself. Not sure how to study for the [...]

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How much does the ACT cost?

It costs $60 to take the full ACT with no writing component, and $85 to take it with the writing component. Fee Waivers are available to eligible low-income 11th- and 12th- graders. Registration changes and additional services may cost additional fees. Learn more about ACT Costs & Fee Waivers here.

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When do you take the ACT?

Students should aim to take the ACT in the spring of their junior year of high school. Doing so gives students more time and opportunities to retake the exam and improve their score, if desired. Visit the ACT’s site to find an ACT test center location near you and to see the test dates [...]

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What is the ACT?

The American College Testing exam (ACT) is a standardized test required by many American colleges and universities during the admission process. Administered by ACT, Inc., the ACT is a pencil-and-paper, multiple-choice exam that consists of 4 required sections and 1 optional essay: English Math Reading Science Writing (1 optional prompt) A strong score on the [...]

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