FAQs for K12 schools and teachers about using Piqosity in a classroom environment for math, English, ACT, SAT, and ISEE test prep.

How do schools implement Piqosity for ACT, SAT or End of Course test prep?

Piqosity increasingly works with many private, public, and charter schools. Here are some popular ways school leaders have chosen to implement Piqosity: Boot Camps. These are dedicated one or multi-day courses to prepare for a specific test. Piqosity can provide the course instructor remotely or in-person; also schools can provide their own instructor. In-Class. Many [...]

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Do you offer a score increase guarantee for schools?

While it's impossible for us to offer a specific score-increase guarantee for our institutional customers, we do offer a satisfaction guarantee. We are confident that Piqosity is the most advanced and innovative e-learning platform on the market and that your students will benefit from its use. However, in the event that your school is unhappy [...]

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Can ESSER or EANS funds be used to buy Piqosity?

Yes, in our experience most public and private schools can use federal, pandemic relief funds to pay for Piqosity student licenses. The specific rules of using ESSER and EANS funds vary by state. However, Piqosity generally qualifies since it's a software solution specifically designed to measure and mitigate learning loss in K12 math and English. [...]

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