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About the ISEE Upper Level

The ISEE Upper Level is the ACT of private school admissions for grades 9 through 12. Just as colleges use the SAT and ACT to determine applicant preparedness, many independent schools across the US achieve the same effect with the ISEE.

Because teachers, curriculums, and academic difficulty vary from school to school, a student’s report card is not sufficient enough to accurately compare students from different schools. Therefore they use a standardized test like the ISEE.

ISEE is an acronym that stands for the Independent School Entrance Exam. It is administered by the non-profit group ERB, Educational Records Bureau. You’ve probably heard of ERB before in the context of annual testing, particularly if your school administers the CTP-4, which is somewhat similar to the ISEE.

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1200 Vocabulary Words for the ISEE Upper Level

ISEE Upper Level Research, Analysis, & Adice

What Is the ISEE Test, and Why Take It?

If you or your child is entering their middle school or high school years, chances are that you are wondering, exactly what is the ISEE test? The ISEE is the Independent School Entrance Examination and is used to help determine admission to a growing number of private middle schools and high schools. Scoring well on this ACT/SAT style test can help open doors to these institutions. As the market leader [...]

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When Should You Start Preparing for the ISEE Test

Students prepare for the ISEE private school admissions test year-round; however, assuming a January or February test date and application deadline, about a quarter of students will start preparing in summer; half—the majority—will start in fall, and the remainder will play catch-up in winter. But you should start preparing for the ISEE private school admissions test right now. At least start with a 20-minute mini-diagnostic test to see where your [...]

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ISEE Sample Essay Prompts and Responses

The ISEE Essay is the fifth and final section of the ISEE lower, middle, and upper level tests. This personal essay is not scored; however, a copy of it is sent to each school to which families send their scores. Students have 30-minutes in which to write up to 2 pages in response to one prompt. Although the essay is not technically scored, it is nonetheless an important opportunity for [...]

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What is a Good Score on the ISEE?

Whether you’ve just started preparing to take your first ISEE, or are anxiously waiting to receive your score report, you’re probably wondering: what is a good score on the ISEE? In general, a good ISEE score is a Stanine Score of 7, 8, or 9. Stanine Scores of 4, 5, and 6 are considered average, and scores of 1, 2, and 3 are below average. However, the comprehensive answer to [...]

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New Gamification Features and Learning Content Updates

This morning we completed our first summer update, which brings major app features and new content to Piqosity's quickly growing platform.  Gamifying Practice for Students Adaptive Practice Gamification is the most visible new feature for student users. Many students will find this new style of personalized practice to be more fun and engaging. The primary features are: Instant scoring - Each question is scored individually as soon as the student [...]

How to Prepare for the ISEE Essay

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re well in the middle of preparing to take the ISEE, one of the things you will want to learn is how to prepare for the ISEE Essay. In this article, we will cover all of the basics about the ISEE essay, share some strategies for writing a successful essay, and offer additional resources to take your ISEE Essay prep to the next level! [...]

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