Fantasy Books to Read This Summer (Grades 3-12)

Have you chosen which books to read this summer? This break from school has endless possibilities—an exciting fantasy read can whisk you away to a magical place for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, no matter where you are! This collection of summer fantasy books suggests several reads suitable for each range of grade levels, including both newer [...]

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Eight Poems to Teach Rhyme Scheme

April is National Poetry Month, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by reading and learning about poetry! Last year, we developed a guide for learning figurative language through poetry, since metaphorical and abstract language thrives in the work of poets. Another important aspect of poetry is rhyme scheme, which helps writers develop [...]

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Free ELA Ramadan Activities For Your Class

This spring, bring Ramadan-themed lessons and activities into the classroom! Integrating celebrations of Ramadan into class days is informative and fun for your non-Muslim students and provides support for Muslim students. In 2024, Ramadan lasts from March 10th through April 9th. If you’re wondering, “How do you teach about Ramadan in school?” – look no [...]

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Easter Activities for the Classroom

We’ve curated several Easter activities for the classroom that celebrate the holiday while helping students build their reading, writing, and math skills! Celebrating holidays like Easter in the classroom connects students from different cultures and backgrounds. By incorporating the holiday into the school day through themed activities, such as the ones throughout this page, [...]

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Books for Women’s History Month—Grades 3–12

March is Women’s History Month, which means it’s a great opportunity to read and appreciate the influential works of significant women writers. We’ve compiled a list of books suitable for each grade level from elementary to high school. Each book explores themes of feminism, features great storytelling, and provides an opportunity to celebrate talented [...]

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Valentine’s Day Activities – Math and English | Piqosity

These Valentine's Day activities for school are great ways to enrich your classroom this February! Your students will be exceptionally engaged and excited to learn when you integrate holiday celebrations into your lesson plans. Math and ELA skills are particularly important in every student’s education, so we’ve collected several free classroom activities for this [...]

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11 Books to Read Before College for Juniors

We've assembled this collection of 11 books to read before college to help you improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills while simultaneously helping you prepare for the SAT.  Only have 20 minutes of free time per day in your packed junior year schedule? That’s perfect! According to a study conducted by Nagy and [...]

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How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills for Standardized Tests Like ACT and SAT

English teachers will often tell you that the only way to improve your reading comprehension skills is to simply read more. While sound and well-intentioned, this advice probably isn’t very helpful if you must quickly improve your skills, for example earning a higher score on a standardized test like the ISEE, ACT or SAT. [...]

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