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Shelby Joe 周 is the Founder of Piqosity. He has more than 18 years of experience in education as an entrepreneur, professor, and tutor. Shelby earned his BA in Political Science from Rice University. Born and raised in Mississippi, he now resides in Houston but has also lived in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hamburg.

Announcing Piqosity 2.0

A brand new version of the Piqosity adaptive, e-learning app has just launched! For over seven months our engineering team has been hard at work on updating our hosting architecture, back-end code, user interface, and new features. This update is so substantial that we're basically releasing an all new app—Piqosity 2.0, and it's bringing [...]

ISEE Math Review – Estimation

For the ISEE and other standardized tests with math sections, estimation is your friend. Estimation will reduce the amount of time you spend making calculations, which allows more time to complete difficult questions. Estimation is rounding a number up or down to make it easier to calculate, but the estimated number must be as [...]

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ISEE Math Review – Linear Inequalities and Their Graphs

Now, graphing a linear inequality is very similar to graphing a linear equation, since you follow all the same rules for slope and the y‐intercept. However, the graph will look different. A linear equation has one input resulting in one output, while a linear inequality has one input resulting in many outputs. Essentially, the [...]

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Announcing Launch of Pre-Algebra and ELA 7 Courses

We're excited to announce the launch of our new ELA 7 and Pre-Algebra courses designed primarily for seventh grade students. The availability of these new courses rounds out our middle school math and English offerings for grades 5-8. It also allows us to offer a new ISEE Middle Level Advanced package, which bundles our [...]

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Announcing Launch of Math 6 and ELA 6 Courses

Today, we're proud to announce the launch of our sixth grade math and English courses. These new courses join our existing math and English courses for grades 5, 8, and 11. The impending launch of our ELA 7 and Pre-Algebra courses this spring will round out our middle school offerings. This onslaught of new [...]

Quick Start Guide to Improving Reading and Writing Skills

Piqosity's new English Language Arts (ELA) courses will help students improve their reading and writing skills and can be used for after-school enrichment and remediation or as a complete school curriculum substitute. This guide will show parents or educators how to get started with Piqosity's wealth of curriculum-aligned content. Compared to traditional strip-mall learning [...]

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