Best Deals in Back to School Supplies

How to Save Between 30% and 70% on Everyday Purchases We go through a lot of basic school supplies at General Academic, a tutoring and test prep company in Houston. And every time I go to purchase these supplies, I get overwhelmed with the variety of brands and vendors. It's tempting to just walk [...]

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New Feature – View Student Account as Educator

Tutors and teachers with Piqosity educator accounts can now "impersonate" their students. This new feature allows educators to view and use one of their student's accounts as if they were that student. This feature is particularly helpful in order to see all of a student's past practice or troubleshoot account issues. Before this update, educators [...]

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ACT and SAT Test Prep in Schools – Challenges and Recommendations

Piqosity’s SAT and ACT preparation resources enable students to practice for these standardized tests in accordance with their unique needs, pace, and style. However, Piqosity and other well-meaning tools are merely one piece of a very complicated challenge in ensuring students are prepared for college. We examined the extant research to formulate recommendations to [...]

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How to Use Piqosity In Your Classroom

Through our Piqosity Pilots program and independently, classroom teachers are increasingly using Piqosity in K12 schools across the United States. Classroom integration poses a few unique challenges; chief among these challenges is preparing material to present to a class. Few people (less than 1% of the college-bound population) can answer challenging standardized test questions [...]

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Piqosity 1-Minute Student and Educator Demo

We have a new demo video for you! Using machine learning and a marketplace of mix-and-match content, Piqosity helps students prepare for the P/SAT, ACT, and ISEE standardized tests. It also enables tutors and teachers to monitor student progress and get prepared for in-class lectures. Watch the video for a quick introduction then consider [...]

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Free ACT Prep – Piqosity Pilot Schools

Could your school benefit from 1 year of free, customized SAT & ACT test prep? Piqosity seeks to partner with a select number of schools to deploy its personalized ACT and SAT practice software. These select schools, "Piqosity Pilots," have the opportunity to obtain a highly customized solution at no cash cost for 1 year. [...]

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How to Use Piqosity as a Tutor or Teacher

Piqosity features an educator dashboard for teachers and tutors that enables educators to create classes, add students, and monitor their progress. Like all of Piqosity beta, this resource is free to use. Piqosity is ideal for helping students prepare for the SAT, ACT, and Upper Level ISEE standardized tests, for which we have more than 6,700 [...]

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Free SAT and ACT Test Prep Programs for Schools: Using Piqosity

Regardless of your philosophical beliefs, SAT and ACT test scores are inarguably important for future undergrads and their high schools. For students, they need good test scores to get into desirable colleges and even better scores to earn valuable scholarships. For high schools, SAT and ACT test scores and college acceptances are often used by administrators [...]

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