The Best OER Materials for K-12 Teachers

Open Educational Resources, OER for short, have been gaining popularity in the academic community for the last several years due to the benefits they can bring educators and classrooms of all levels, especially underfunded schools and classes. In short: OER are copyright-free educational materials that are entirely free to use and edit alternatives to [...]

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FREE Thanksgiving Activities for the Classroom

The time of year to give thanks is approaching, and what better way to celebrate than with thanksgiving activities for your classroom! Conducting holiday-themed activities is a fantastic way to secure your students’ attention and help them practice key reading and math skills. If you’re blanking on ideas for thanksgiving for your students to celebrate [...]

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How to Teach an ACT or SAT Test Prep Class

All too frequently, high school teachers who don’t have test prep experience find themselves suddenly tasked with teaching a standardized test prep course. This can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if it’s been a while since you had to take the ACT or SAT. Taking into consideration the position of these teachers, Piqosity wanted [...]

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Free Printable Halloween Activities – ELA and Math

There is no better way to celebrate the tricks and treats of All Hallows Eve while having your students practice key ELA and math skills than with printable Halloween activities! From spooky writing prompts to a coordinate plane full of creepy creatures, look no further for effective and easy-to-use practice for students. Each of [...]

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Fun Diwali Activities for Your Classroom

ELA-based Diwali activities give your middle and high school students the chance to work on English and Reading skills in a fun and engaging way. They can also introduce students to different cultures or literary genres with which they may not already be familiar. The following free Diwali activities for students—including a word search, [...]

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Easter Activities for the Classroom

Celebrating holidays like Easter in the classroom connects students from different cultures and backgrounds. By incorporating the holiday into the school day through themed activities, such as the ones throughout this page, teachers are providing a space for students to enjoy a celebration while practicing key skills for school. We’ve curated several Easter activities [...]

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Free Pi Day Activities for Your Classroom

March 14th (the date representation of the universally known 3.1415926…) is near, and we’ve prepared several Pi Day activities for your classroom! While math can be a touchy subject among students, especially for middle and high schoolers, using holiday-themed activities to reinforce concepts being taught in the classroom is extremely effective in keeping student [...]

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