Two Player Math Games You Can “Count” On

If you are the parent, teacher, or tutor of a student who is particularly resistant to practicing their math skills, you’re no doubt eager for strategies to engage them—enter, two player math games! Particularly in upper grade levels as the myth of “I suck at math” becomes more entrenched, finding ways to reinforce important mathematical [...]

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Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Students

The start of a new year brings the excitement of new beginnings and a chance to reset from the previous year. It’s a perfect opportunity to consider New Year’s resolutions for students to help guide the coming 12 months. But while the promise of forming new, healthier habits is enticing, it’s important to remember that [...]

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Your Guide to Teaching Standardized Test Prep

All too frequently, high school teachers who don’t have test prep experience find themselves suddenly tasked with teaching a standardized test prep course. This can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if it’s been a while since you had to take the ACT or SAT. Taking into consideration the position of these teachers, Piqosity wanted [...]

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Free Christmas Math Activities

Fight the holiday brain drain with these fun and engaging free Christmas math activities to incorporate into your classroom this holiday season. From hidden messages and color-by-numbers to linear systems and word problems, you’ll find no shortage of mathematical in this Yuletide spread. We’ve also included some unique Piqosity Christmas [...]

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Free Christmas Reading Activities & Writing Activities

Looking for free Christmas reading activities? Whether you would like to read out loud to your students or test their knowledge with writing prompts or passage questions, Piqosity has compiled several free Christmas reading activities that you can easily incorporate into your classroom. We’ve also placed a special present under [...]

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ACT Accommodations for English Language Learners

If you’re a non-native English speaker, taking college admission exams like ACT can be pretty intimidating—luckily, there are a number of ACT Accommodations for English Language Learners available which help ELL students attain equal ground to their native-speaking peers. Since most of us, when possible, avoid activities that cause stress, ESL students (sometimes also called [...]

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FREE Thanksgiving Classroom Activities

By this point in the school year, a lot of us are getting tired; it can be hard to think of fresh and exciting Thanksgiving classroom activities. So how do you celebrate Thanksgiving in the classroom without giving yourself oodles more work? Well, by exploring our collection of Thanksgiving classroom activities, which offer great ways [...]

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Fun Diwali Activities for Your Classroom

ELA-based Diwali activities give your middle and high school students the chance to work on English and Reading skills in a fun and engaging way. They can also introduce students to different cultures or literary genres with which they may not already be familiar. The following free Diwali activities for students—including a word search, [...]

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