Why You Should Apply for the West Virginia Promise Scholarship

If you’re a West Virginian high schooler looking for ways to finance your college education, consider the West Virginia Promise Scholarship, a lucrative, merit-based scholarship open to graduating seniors. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this opportunity to best prepare you for college and scholarship application season! What is [...]

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Best Pre-College Summer Programs for Gifted and Talented Students

If you are a middle school or high school student looking to get ahead of the curve, an academic or pre-college summer program is one of the best options you have to experience the rigor of a college atmosphere while possibly earning credits that will go towards your undergraduate degree. In a pre-college program, [...]

Do the ACT and SAT Standardized Tests Still Matter?

Yes, standardized tests still matter. For students applying to academically selective colleges in the US, they should still take and submit their ACT or SAT scores. Initial data for the Class of 2025 indicates that students who submitted scores had as much as a 100% higher chance of getting in than students who did [...]

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Are ACT Scores Indicative of College Success?

Is there a correlation between ACT scores and college success? Yes, at times, an ACT score can give some prediction of success at college. However, the real indicator is typically performance at school. This is because the ACT is a snapshot of a student’s knowledge and stamina, while a full school portfolio of GPAs [...]

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Should You Take Both the SAT and the ACT?

  If you are planning on applying for college soon, part of weighing your options includes asking, “should you take both the SAT and the ACT?” There are many factors which go into making this decision; in this article, we’ll break down the benefits of each test, who should take both tests, and the [...]

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ACT Costs, SAT Costs, & Fee Waivers

We’re in the heart of college application season, which means that ACT cost and SAT cost are on the minds of many parents. With the rising cost of college applications, confusing FAFSA changes, and an annual 7% increase in college tuition, many families want to carefully consider how they’re spending their money to [...]

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Free ACT or SAT Online Prep Courses for Public Schools

Piqosity offers market-leading online prep courses for the ACT and SAT with 10 full-length practice tests, dozens of concept lessons including videos, and a personalized e-learning platform that analyzes a student's performance and dynamically makes recommendations on next steps. Beginning September 6, 2021, these courses will no longer be entirely free to all registered [...]

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QuestBridge College Match Scholarships

Are you a high school student who dreams of free college? With a QuestBridge scholarship, that dream could become a reality! In our 17 years of college counseling, we have found the QuestBridge National College Match to be one of the best programs for students of lower-income families. It’s well-documented that a reliable indicator [...]

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