College Admissions Interview Tips from the Interviewer

College admissions interviews are an opportunity for students to talk to an alumnus of their prospective school and showcase their personality as a factor in their admissions process. I've interviewed prospective candidates for Rice University—below, I’ll tell you about some of my interviews and explain to you some things you or your child should [...]

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Free ACT Official Practice Test PDFs and Answer Explanations

This page contains professionally-written answer explanations to the freely available, official ACT practice tests floating around on the internet. Depending on the year, either the ACT or the SAT is the most popular college admissions test in the United States. About 1.3 million students in the graduating class of 2022 took the ACT or [...]

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Why You Should Apply for the West Virginia Promise Scholarship

If you’re a West Virginian high schooler looking for ways to finance your college education, consider the West Virginia Promise Scholarship, a lucrative, merit-based scholarship open to graduating seniors. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this opportunity to best prepare you for college and scholarship application season! What is [...]

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Do the ACT and SAT Standardized Tests Still Matter?

Yes, standardized tests still matter. For students applying to academically selective colleges in the US, they should still take and submit their ACT or SAT scores. Initial data for the Class of 2025 indicates that students who submitted scores had as much as a 100% higher chance of getting in than students who did [...]

QuestBridge College Match Scholarships

Are you a high school student who dreams of free college? With a QuestBridge scholarship, that dream could become a reality! In our 17 years of college counseling, we have found the QuestBridge National College Match to be one of the best programs for students of lower-income families. It’s well-documented that a reliable indicator [...]

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