Which States Require the Digital SAT or ACT?

Several states have established ACT and/or SAT graduation requirements for high schoolers to assess school performance and to provide students the chance to take a college admissions exam. Most states don’t mandate either exam; however, many districts and schools have their own testing requirements.  If you’re in high school, you should know which exam [...]

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ACT Math Strategies & Tips

Taking the ACT Math test can feel daunting: you have only 60 minutes to answer 60 questions, so it’s a good idea to be armed with some ACT Math strategies! If you’re wondering, “How can I improve my Math ACT score?” or “What math should I study for the ACT?” then this ACT Math [...]

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ACT Grammar Practice

If you’ve taken the ACT English section before and are planning to take it again, it's wise to use some of your study time for ACT Grammar practice. Practicing the Grammar and Rhetoric skills that appear on the ACT English test can maximize your strategic advantage and help improve your ACT [...]

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How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills for Standardized Tests Like ACT and SAT

English teachers will often tell you that the only way to improve your reading comprehension skills is to simply read more. While sound and well-intentioned, this advice probably isn’t very helpful if you must quickly improve your skills, for example earning a higher score on a standardized test like the ISEE, ACT or SAT. [...]

The Differences Between the ACT and SAT

If you're a high schooler getting ready for the college admissions process, you may be wondering about the differences between ACT and SAT exams. Versus the SAT, the ACT generally requires students to know more advanced concepts and work more quickly. Our experience working with thousands of students over the last 18 years is that [...]

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Can You Retake the ACT? And Should You?

OK, so you’ve gotten your ACT score report and you’re unhappy with your ACT score—now you’re wondering, “Can you retake the ACT?” Or, maybe you haven’t taken the ACT test but are already worried about whatever score you’ll earn during your initial go-around, and are hoping to take the pressure off with the possibility [...]

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ACT Practice Tests, 12 Full-Length

Piqosity’s market leading ACT test prep course just got even better. Our top tier Advanced package now includes 12 full-length ACT practice tests, and the middle tier Honors package now includes 6 full-length ACT practice tests. We’ve also added hundreds of new questions to our Personalized Practice feature. The new ACT practice tests are [...]

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Free ACT Official Practice Test PDFs and Answer Explanations

This page contains professionally-written answer explanations to the freely available, official ACT practice tests floating around on the internet. Depending on the year, either the ACT or the SAT is the most popular college admissions test in the United States. About 1.3 million students in the graduating class of 2022 took the ACT or [...]

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How to Motivate Students for Standardized Tests

Parents and teachers who are struggling with how to motivate students for standardized tests feel the truth behind the old cliché: “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” So how can you convince your students that it’s worth their time and energy to prepare fully and strategically for [...]

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