Will Piqosity’s courses help my child if they are falling behind in school?

Yes! Piqosity’s courses are designed to meet your student where they are, and they can be used for both enrichment and remediation. Your child can use Piqosity’s lessons and practice materials to review and reinforce the concepts they are struggling with in class. If they aren’t sure where to start, they can take a diagnostic [...]

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Where do I go for technical assistance or customer support?

Piqosity works hard to make our platform as straightforward and easy-to-navigate as possible. If you are experiencing issues, please visit our support center for immediate answers to most questions, including how-to guides for students and educators, as well as a list of known technical issues. You can also contact us via support ticket any [...]

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Who creates Piqosity’s courses?

Our content is partly written in-house and partly by third party publishers including tutors and teachers. Our in-house team has more than 15 years of experience helping thousands of students achieve their potential at our home base in Houston and around the world. Our content is aligned to both Common Core and Texas Essential [...]

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Can I use Piqosity’s courses to teach a class or tutor?

Yes! We built Piqosity not only to be user friendly for parents and students at home but also for the advanced needs of tutors and teachers. Key features for educators include: Student management including the ability to see everything the student sees Automatic scoring and analysis of all student work Assignments with due dates [...]

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How do Piqosity’s online classes work?

As always, it’s free to sign up with Piqosity’s Community Plan, which provides you with limited access to premium content. The paid plan unlocks all of Piqosity’s key innovative platform features, including: Instructional lessons with multiple variations including videos Adaptive practice including the option for gamification Student analytics and strengths and weakness diagnostics Answer [...]

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