Your Guide to Teaching Standardized Test Prep

All too frequently, high school teachers who don’t have test prep experience find themselves suddenly tasked with teaching a standardized test prep course. This can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if it’s been a while since you had to take the ACT or SAT. Taking into consideration the position of these teachers, Piqosity wanted [...]

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How to Motivate Students for Standardized Tests

Parents and teachers who are struggling with how to motivate students for standardized tests feel the truth behind the old cliché: “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” So how can you convince your students that it’s worth their time and energy to prepare fully and strategically for [...]

The Differences Between the ACT and SAT

Versus the SAT, the ACT generally presents questions in a less complex manner but requires students to know more advanced concepts and work more quickly. However, our experience working with thousands of students over the last 17 years is that fewer than 5% of students will score significantly different on the SAT vs the [...]

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Mississippi National Merit Semifinalists 2020-2021

15% of Mississippi's National Merit Semifinalists attend the Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science For 142 Mississippi high school seniors, the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Competition brought good news: these super-smart students have earned the celebrated “Semifinalist” designation. In order to do so, they had to score among the top 1% of [...]

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Free Online ACT and SAT Prep Offered by Houston Ed-Tech Startup

Piqosity, a Houston-based e-learning startup is making its online ACT and SAT practice tests, instructional videos, and prep guides freely available in response to the ongoing disruptions caused by Covid-19. Its comprehensive suite of e-learning tools enables college applicants to do their best on these high stakes tests. Piqosity includes 20 full-length SAT and [...]

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Author McSwazey’s “Legacy Unbroken” and “Law of Averages” Adapted for ACT and SAT Prep

Our ACT and SAT practice tests contain adaptations from contemporary literature. Two of these adaptations are from a young, Houston-based author who goes by the pen name McSwazey. For SAT Reading Test practice, we adapted a passage from his second and newest story Legacy Unbroken. This riveting science fiction story chronicles a son's quest [...]

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Free ACT and SAT Practice Tests

After more than a year in development, (pique+curiosity) is excited to announce the launch of its practice tests for the ACT* and SAT* college admissions exams. Available immediately for free, each course features 7 full-length practice tests, which can be worked online straight through or broken up and personalized according to the student's [...]

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Mississippi National Merit Semifinalists 2018

National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) has announced the semifinalists in their 63rd National Merit Scholarship Program. Semifinalists are current high school seniors who took the PSAT in October of 2016 and scored among the top 1% in their respective states. To win the coveted “Semifinalist” designation in Mississippi, students must have earned a “selection index” [...]

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ACT and SAT Test Prep in Schools – Challenges and Recommendations

Piqosity’s SAT and ACT preparation resources enable students to practice for these standardized tests in accordance with their unique needs, pace, and style. However, Piqosity and other well-meaning tools are merely one piece of a very complicated challenge in ensuring students are prepared for college. We examined the extant research to formulate recommendations to [...]

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