Digital SAT Practice Tests – Free, Full-Length, and Adaptive

Piqosity is publishing 12 Digital SAT practice tests, and these tests are currently available for free! Just like the real Digital SAT, Piqosity's full-length Digital SAT tests are comprised of 54 Reading and Writing Questions and 54 Math questions. No credit card or phone number required Full-length and adaptive Completely free through May August 24, [...]

The Benefits of Retesting and Taking Multiple Practice Exams

A strong (or weak) test score can have a huge impact on college or private school admissions. Test scores are one of the most important factors that admissions offices consider when admitting applicants—no wonder taking standardized tests can be so stressful for students!  To help improve test-taking performance, students and their parents will frequently [...]

The Top High Schools in Illinois by SAT Scores

In the Illinois Class of 2023, 142,770 students took the SAT; their mean composite score was a 970 out of a possible 1600. For comparison, 2022’s graduating class had about 1,500 more students take the exam, and they scored slightly higher with a mean composite of 981. Nationally, the average composite score was 1028 [...]

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The Digital SAT Format—How Do the Easy and Hard SAT Modules Compare?

Nearly 100 years after the SAT was first administered, the College Board has just implemented a major makeover for its widely used college admissions exam. This all-new Digital SAT format, now made up of “modules” that adapt to students’ in-test performance, will fully replace the current SAT in 2024. The last change to the [...]

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What is a Good Score on the Digital SAT?

If you’re a high school junior, you probably know that a good score on the digital SAT can make your college application stand out—but what is a good score on the SAT? This article aims to answer this question by showing how you can adequately gauge what is the best SAT score for you, [...]

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How Long Should You Study for the Digital SAT Test?

Every student, parent, and school administrator always asks us, “how long does it take to improve an ACT or SAT score?” Asked to anyone else, the generic response that you’ll usually get for this admittedly broad question is “experts say about 10-20 hours.” But who are these experts and what does that mean? Can [...]

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Which States Require the Digital SAT or ACT?

Several states have established ACT and/or SAT graduation requirements for high schoolers to assess school performance and to provide students the chance to take a college admissions exam. Most states don’t mandate either exam; however, many districts and schools have their own testing requirements.  If you’re in high school, you should know which exam [...]

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How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills for Standardized Tests Like ACT and SAT

English teachers will often tell you that the only way to improve your reading comprehension skills is to simply read more. While sound and well-intentioned, this advice probably isn’t very helpful if you must quickly improve your skills, for example earning a higher score on a standardized test like the ISEE, ACT or SAT. [...]

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