Time Management Skills for Students that Work

School, extracurriculars, part-time jobs… no matter how full a student’s schedule is, time management skills are essential in ensuring they get the most out of their education. After all, what good are all of those activities if you can’t seem to keep up and you’re constantly losing track of due dates for important assignments?  [...]

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10 Books to Improve Vocabulary Acquisition

An enriched vocabulary yields improved communication and comprehension of English—Piqosity has curated this collection of books to improve vocabulary skills for the purpose of providing a resource for anyone looking to build and strengthen their vocabulary. These novels contain precise and imaginative diction, helping you develop your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills while being [...]

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What is a Good Score on the SAT?

You’ve gotten through almost three years of high school, have been picking colleges, scheduled your SAT test date, and now you wonder—what is a good score on the SAT? In this article, we aim to answer this question (spoiler: it’s different for everyone!), determine how to adequately gauge an appropriate SAT score goal, and discuss [...]

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Announcing Peer-Normed, Dynamic Question Difficulty

Over the past week, our team has been furiously implementing a major upgrade to Piqosity's back-end statistics. All practice questions—from standardized tests like the ISEE and ACT to our core academic courses in English and math—are now peer normed for difficulty. Previously a question's author manually selected a difficulty of easy, medium, or hard. [...]

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Your Guide to Teaching Standardized Test Prep

All too frequently, high school teachers who don’t have test prep experience find themselves suddenly tasked with teaching a standardized test prep course. This can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if it’s been a while since you had to take the ACT or SAT. Taking into consideration the position of these teachers, Piqosity wanted [...]

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Reducing Foreign Language Anxiety for Test Taking

If you are receiving classroom instruction in a language that is not your native tongue, you may sometimes experience foreign language anxiety. Like other forms of anxiety in general, foreign language anxiety stems from feelings of uneasiness and self-doubt, and, unsurprisingly, it’s easy to fall into a state of anxiousness when you’re surrounded by a [...]

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ACT Costs, SAT Costs, & Fee Waivers

We’re in the heart of college application season, which means that ACT cost and SAT cost are on the minds of many parents. With the rising cost of college applications, confusing FAFSA changes, and an annual 7% increase in college tuition, many families want to carefully consider how they’re spending their money to [...]

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