Digital SAT Practice Tests – Free, Full-Length, & Adaptive

Piqosity is publishing 12 Digital SAT practice tests, and these tests are currently available for free! Just like the real Digital SAT, Piqosity's full-length Digital SAT tests are comprised of 54 Reading and Writing Questions and 54 Math questions. No credit card or phone number required Full-length and adaptive Completely free through May 2024 [...]

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How Long Should You Study for the Digital SAT Test?

Every student, parent, and school administrator always asks us, “how long does it take to improve an ACT or SAT score?” Asked to anyone else, the generic response that you’ll usually get for this admittedly broad question is “experts say about 10-20 hours.” But who are these experts and what does that mean? Can [...]

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Which States Require the Digital SAT or ACT?

Several states have established ACT and/or SAT graduation requirements for high schoolers to assess school performance and to provide students the chance to take a college admissions exam. Most states don’t mandate either exam; however, many districts and schools have their own testing requirements.  If you’re in high school, you should know which exam [...]

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How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills for Standardized Tests Like ACT and SAT

English teachers will often tell you that the only way to improve your reading comprehension skills is to simply read more. While sound and well-intentioned, this advice probably isn’t very helpful if you must quickly improve your skills, for example earning a higher score on a standardized test like the ISEE, ACT or SAT. [...]

The Differences Between the ACT and SAT

If you're a high schooler getting ready for the college admissions process, you may be wondering about the differences between ACT and SAT exams. Versus the SAT, the ACT generally requires students to know more advanced concepts and work more quickly. Our experience working with thousands of students over the last 18 years is that [...]

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PSAT Digital Free Full Length Practice Test

For the new digital PSAT, Piqosity offers a full-length practice test completely free! Just like the real PSAT, Piqosity's digital PSAT is comprised of 54 Reading and Writing Questions and 54 Math questions. No credit card or phone number required Full-length and adaptive Completely free The Reading and Writing test is divided into 2 [...]

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How to Motivate Students for Standardized Tests

Parents and teachers who are struggling with how to motivate students for standardized tests feel the truth behind the old cliché: “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” So how can you convince your students that it’s worth their time and energy to prepare fully and strategically for [...]

Mississippi National Merit Semifinalists 2023-2024

For 163 Mississippi high school seniors, the 2024 National Merit Scholarship Competition brought good news: these high-achieving students have earned the celebrated “Semifinalist” designation. In order to do so, they had to score among the top 1% of Mississippi students who took the PSAT/NMSQT in October of 2022.  As a percentage of the senior [...]

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Digital PSAT Tips—Quick Tips for Acing the New PSAT

We’ve put together the following PSAT tips to help you prepare for this unique exam! The PSAT, more formally referred to as the Pre-SAT or the PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test), is a standardized test that students commonly take the first week of October. Some high schools require students to take it, [...]

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