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March 14th (the date representation of the universally known 3.1415926…) is near, and we’ve prepared several Pi Day activities for your classroom! While math can be a touchy subject among students, especially for middle and high schoolers, using holiday-themed activities to reinforce concepts being taught in the classroom is extremely effective in keeping student interest. This is especially true for math classrooms when the holiday’s origin is mathematics itself!

Our team of educators here at Piqosity know how stressful it can be finding the right themed math activities for your classroom, especially if Pi Day 2022 snuck up on you! Each of these fun, minimal-prep Pi Day activities is a wonderful way to get students excited about math while they practice their geometry skills. Plus, we’ve also included a set of original Piqosity math questions all about pi to put your students’ hard work to the test!

Pi Day Math Activities 

1. Math Facts Puzzles – Create a Pie!

free pi activities

Teaching Elementary students that are not yet acquainted with the purpose of pi? You can still celebrate the holiday! This resource contains four different circular puzzles, each quizzing students on addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division – perfect for any lower-level math curriculum.

Prepping for this free printable Pi Day activity is easy as pie – all you need to do is simply print copies! Students will have a stellar time connecting the puzzle pi-eces and coloring them in to create a pi-cturesque math masterpiece!

Created and made available for free download by HoJo.

Bonus Tip:

Interested in introducing your students to the concept of pi or intriguing them with tales of its use or history? The Conversation has several engaging articles on the topic, all written by expert academics, that can be read together as a class or independently! We recommend the piece on how pi pops up everywhere in our world or the one on the origin of pi!

2. Last Minute, No-Prep Pi Day Activities

free pi activities

This resource is perfect for educators who have suddenly found themselves on or near March 14th with no Pi Day plans! (No judgment from us—we forgot until the week before!) It contains a list of several Pi Day no-prep activities that range in difficulty and class-time investment—from a “Pi Day Memorization Contest” to a “Circle Hunt”, you’re sure to find an idea that works for your class.

It gets even better—the file includes a fun “Pi or Pie” word search with terms relating either to the number or the dessert as well as a printout with 1000 digits of Pi! These activities are great if you have anywhere between five minutes and five hours to spare for celebration, created to support any busy classroom.

Created and made available for free download by Elementary Inquiry.

3. Pi Day Maze – Finding Area and Circumference

fun pi circumference area activity

Have higher level students that are already familiar with pi? They will love this twist on their usual geometry assignments! This Pi Day freebie is a maze to be navigated with their knowledge of pi and its formulas.

The sheet has 15 multiple choice questions of moderate difficulty and an answer sheet. The activity is printable, but it can be easily distributed digitally for virtual learners!

Created and made available for free download by Never Give Up on Math.

Pi Day Activities – Math Questions by Piqosity

Piqosity’s team of educators have developed the following pi-centric mathematics questions, of increasing difficulty and covering a variety of ways in which pi is used, to test students on crucial math skills while continuing the celebration. Print out copies of this section and you’ve got ready-made math worksheets to hand out to your students!

Original Pi Day Math Questions

Time for a feast to celebrate Pi Day!

(Select the closest answer choice. You may use the first three digits of pi.)

1. You’re bringing a blueberry pie to your classroom’s Pi Day feast! However, you don’t know which container to bring it in. To know what size container to get, you must figure out the pie’s size – after measuring with your ruler, you see that its diameter is 13 units. What is its circumference? 

A. 4 units
B. 40 units
C. 3 units
D. 30 units

2. A can of soda to pair with your meal is the shape of a cylinder with a height of 4 and a volume of 20.

Find the value of the area of the base of the can.

A. 4
B. 20
C. 9
D. 5

3. The 12-inch-diameter pizza pie your teacher ordered has finally arrived! Unfortunately, it looks like the delivery driver snagged a slice.

pi day activity area

To help your teacher get a refund, you must calculate how much the driver ate.. What is the area of the missing (shaded) region?

A. 6π
B. 12π
C. 18π
D. 36π

Answer Key and Explanations

1. B. 40 units

The circumference of a circle is found using this formula: 

circumference equals pi times diameter

If the diameter is 13 units, you simply multiply it by pi (3.14) to find the circumference.

13 x 3.14 = 40.82. The closest answer choice is B. 40 units.

2. D. 5

The volume of a cylinder is found using this formula:

volume equals pi times radius squared times height

Plug in the information we know into the above formula:

20 equals pi r squared multiplied by four

To solve, divide four into 20. We are left with the following:

five equals pi r squared

5 represents the area of the base of the cylinder (since the full formula multiplies the area of the cylinder’s base by the cylinder’s height).

Thus, 5 is the correct answer.

3. A. 6π

To calculate the area of the missing region (or any section of a circle), look to the degree value of the section to figure out what portion of the circle it is. 

The missing region is ⅙ of the whole circle (60/360=⅙), so its area will be ⅙ of the area of the circle.

Use the formula for the area of a circle (below), multiplied by this fraction. 

area equals pi r squared

To find the radius, simply divide the diameter in two: 12/2=6.

The area of the shaded region will be:

one sixth times pi r squared equals one sixth times pi times six squared equals pi times six

Thus, 6π is the correct answer. 

Note: See how each answer choice contains π? This means that you do not need to multiply 6 with pi – 6π is your final answer.

Find More Math Resources Like These at Piqosity! 

We hope you’ve found these fun Pi Day activities insightful and resourceful for your classroom, both in their engaging celebration of the holiday and in the plentiful opportunities to sharpen key math skills for students. Make sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming holiday activities blogs – Earth Day, Easter, and Ramadan are all next month, so don’t let your classroom miss out!

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Thank You, and Happy Pi Day from π-qosity!