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We’ve curated several Easter activities for the classroom that celebrate the holiday while helping students build their reading, writing, and math skills! Celebrating holidays like Easter in the classroom connects students from different cultures and backgrounds. By incorporating the holiday into the school day through themed activities, such as the ones throughout this page, teachers are providing a space for students to enjoy a celebration while practicing key skills for school.

We’ve also included embedded quizzes developed by Piqosity’s team of educators, including an Easter-themed passage with original comprehension questions and three original holiday-themed math questions. This year, Easter falls on Sunday, April 9th—keep reading to see how your classroom can celebrate in the days before and after. 

ELA Easter Activities for the Classroom

The following Easter activities for the classroom, covering a variety of ELA subtopics, are sure to enhance your students’ reading and writing skills. Moldable to any classroom and ordered from lower-level to higher-level, they call upon students for their creativity and their critical thinking skills!

1. Springtime Bunny Reading and Writing Activities

easter activity sheets

These Easter activities for kids help them practice their reading and writing skills in more ways than one! Included is a nonfiction passage about the cottontail rabbit with comprehension questions, a chart for students to fill out, identifying the difference between fact and opinion, and a writing prompt that lets them explore their own opinions.

Printable and available as an online activity, this ELA resource for elementary students helps them practice their close reading skills while they have fun.

Created and made available for free download by Think Grow Giggle.

2. Easter Author’s Purpose Activity

easter activity sheets

This worksheet, best for middle- and high-schoolers, tasks students with identifying the author’s purpose in several Easter-themed text ideas (such as a recipe for eggs, a poem about Easter, a speech about candy, etc.). Then, students are asked to write about one of the text ideas and keep their purpose in mind.

A great way to have students creatively practice key ELA skills, this Easter activity for teens is great in both physical and virtual formats.

Created and made available for free download by Mainly Middle School 6-8.

3. Grammatical Easter Egg Hunt

easter activity sheets

Find that your middle or high school students are struggling with grammar in their essays and other assignments? This Easter activity is sure to help. The only prep is to print the “sentences” sheet, cut the sentences out, and place them in Easter eggs. Students are then tasked with opening each Easter egg, reading the sentence, and identifying the grammar mistakes by writing them down on their own worksheet.

This resource, made for Google Drive, covers several grammar concepts, including comma rules, semicolon use, dialogue, and so on—it is a sure way to help your students remember common grammar mistakes and rules that will help them in their own writing process.

Created and made available for free download by Book Nerd English Teacher.

Math Easter Activities for the Classroom

Next up – each of the following free, fun math Easter activities is more challenging and captivating than the last! Covering basic operations, geometry, or graphing, these worksheets are perfect for distribution at any point in your class day. 

1. Free Easter Math Worksheet – Math Mazes

easter activity sheets

This Easter math activity, perfect for independent learning, group work, or even homework, quizzes your elementary students on the basic four math operations.

This contains one “Math Maze” per operator, great for helping students practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division skills—pick and choose what works best for your classroom! Complete with answer sheets for each page, this Easter-themed activity is printable and adaptable to virtual learning.

Created and made available for free download by Games 4 Learning.

2. Fun Easter Activities – Math Vocabulary and Practice

easter activity sheets

This resource is full of various Easter-themed math activities that help your students practice key skills and terms while having fun! Three different sheets are included, each with a word search, a word unscrambling task, and math problems with a coloring component.

Whether your current curriculum involves solving equations, graphing, or geometry, there’s an activity sheet for each topic! Students are sure to enjoy this activity, which is perfect for homework or independent work for early-finishers. 

Created and made available for free download by Math in Demand.

3. Easter Egg Hunt – Scatter Plot Activity

easter activity sheets

The last of these printable Easter activities, this scatter plot worksheet is a great way to have your students celebrate Easter while practicing their Algebra skills.

Provided is a data sheet of egg hunt–related figures that students are asked to plot onto a coordinate grid. Then, students will draw a graph based on the data points and explore its slope, resulting in their creation of a slope-intercept form equation. This resource is a fun way to introduce students to or have them practice such concepts!

Created and made available for free download by Teacher Twins.

Easter Reading Comprehension Questions by Piqosity

For this egg-themed holiday, the Piqosity team has selected a passage that looks at the mathematics behind eggs, invest-egg-ating the different applications of math and types of bird eggs!

Original Math Questions by Piqosity

Want to test your math skills now? Our team of educators have developed three Easter-themed questions of increasing difficulty, focused around Algebra 1 skills that students of any grade can try their hand at.

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We hope you’ve found these Easter activities for your classroom resourceful and insightful, both in their engaging celebration of the holiday and in the plentiful opportunities to sharpen key ELA and math skills for students.

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Thank You, and Happy Easter from Piqosity!