Easter Activities for the Classroom

Celebrating holidays like Easter in the classroom connects students from different cultures and backgrounds. By incorporating the holiday into the school day through themed activities, such as the ones throughout this page, teachers are providing a space for students to enjoy a celebration while practicing key skills for school. We’ve curated several Easter activities [...]

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Announcing Launch of Math 6 and ELA 6 Courses

Today, we're proud to announce the launch of our sixth grade math and English courses. These new courses join our existing math and English courses for grades 5, 8, and 11. The impending launch of our ELA 7 and Pre-Algebra courses this spring will round out our middle school offerings. This onslaught of new [...]

10 Books to Improve Vocabulary Acquisition

An enriched vocabulary yields improved communication and comprehension of English—Piqosity has curated this collection of books to improve vocabulary skills for the purpose of providing a resource for anyone looking to build and strengthen their vocabulary. These novels contain precise and imaginative diction, helping you develop your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills while being [...]

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Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities: ELA

Whether your students are seven (and giddy about the candy), or seventeen (and developing intense infatuations), they’re sure to enjoy our collection of Valentine’s Day classroom activities! With these language arts Valentine’s Day activities, students can engage with the celebratory aspects of the holiday while practicing key skills, including critical thinking, close reading, and [...]

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Quick Start Guide to Improving Reading and Writing Skills

Piqosity's new English Language Arts (ELA) courses will help students improve their reading and writing skills and can be used for after-school enrichment and remediation or as a complete school curriculum substitute. This guide will show parents or educators how to get started with Piqosity's wealth of curriculum-aligned content. Compared to traditional strip-mall learning [...]

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Free Black History Month Activities for Your Classroom

Black History Month is a time to celebrate the Black community and learn about its history – throughout the month of February, it’s especially important to bring this celebration into the classroom by teaching students Black history, and this collection of Black History Month activities can help you do so. By integrating explorations of [...]

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Announcing Peer-Normed, Dynamic Question Difficulty

Over the past week, our team has been furiously implementing a major upgrade to Piqosity's back-end statistics. All practice questions—from standardized tests like the ISEE and ACT to our core academic courses in English and math—are now peer normed for difficulty. Previously a question's author manually selected a difficulty of easy, medium, or hard. [...]

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English Enrichment with Piqosity’s New ELA 11 Course

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new English enrichment course for 11th grade English Language Arts (ELA 11). This course is our latest addition to a series designed for the enrichment and remediation of core academics. Our previous English enrichment courses include offerings for 5th grade (ELA 5) and 8th grade English [...]

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