Our ACT online test prep now includes an available Premium Video Course with nearly 15 hours of instruction and guided practice split across 62 videos. The video course is meant to replicate a standard, in-person ACT prep class but from the comfort and convenience of the student’s home. Each of the 62 ACT prep video modules is divided into three parts:

  1. Instructional lesson explaining a core concept tested on the ACT
  2. Practice ACT questions pertaining to that concept
  3. Instructor-led explanation of the practice questions

The instructor-led explanation of practice questions is a significant component of the ACT prep video course. In total, our brilliant tutors spend nearly 3 hours guiding students step-by-step through approximately 200 ACT practice test questions:

  • ACT Math Test – 114 questions (114 minutes)
  • ACT Reading Test – 30 questions (26 minutes)
  • ACT English Test – 33 questions (20 minutes)
  • ACT Science Test – 20 questions (17 minutes)

Including the concept videos, time to complete the practice, and instructor answer explanations, the entire ACT prep video course should take most students about 18 hours to complete. Assuming students are diligent in following along and working the practice, Piqosity’s research estimates just completing the video course could help them boost their score by 2 to 3 points!

The video modules are integrated into Piqosity’s learning platform, meaning that students work the practice questions before seeing the guided answer explanations. They don’t just sit passively “watching” hours on end.

The ACT Premium Video Course can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Students can manually browse through ACT course topics to select the video they want to see
  2. Piqosity’s upcoming Virtual Tutor 2.0 will guide students module-by-module according to their goals and timeline

Paid Piqosity subscribers at the Honors or Advanced level have immediate access to the video course! Today’s update is just the beginning of our drive to implement more instructor-led videos across all of our courses. The ACT video course will be joined later this summer by video courses for the SAT Digital, and ISEE.

Sample ACT Video Course Lesson on Volume

ACT Video Course Practice Questions on Volume

ACT Practice Test Question 1

Tonia wants to find the volume of a solid toy plane. She fills a rectangular container 7 in. long, 4 in. wide, and 6 in. high with water to a depth of 3 in. Tonia totally submerges the toy plane in the water. The height of the water with the submerged, toy plane is 4.4 in.

Which of the following is the closest to the volume, in cubic inches, of the toy plane?

a) 14
b) 39
c) 84
d) 123
e) 168

ACT Practice Test Question 2

H-Town Electronics is designing a shipping box for its new line of flat screen TVs. The box is a rectangular prism of length 150 centimeters, height 15 centimeters, and volume of 202,500 cubic centimeters.

What is the width, in centimeters, of the box?

a) 9
b) 15
c) 90
d) 135
e) 165

ACT Practice Test Question 3

A baker is filling a round cake pan with batter. The cake pan is a right, circular cylinder with a diameter of 23 cm and a depth of 8 cm. A diagram of the pan is shown below. 

(Note: The volume of a cylinder is given by πr²h where r is the radius and h is the height.)

To the nearest cubic centimeter, what is the volume of cake batter that will be in the pan when it is filled with batter to a depth of 5 cm?

a) 723
b) 1,058
c) 2,077
d) 8,310
e) 13,295

ACT Video Answer Explanations