Happy holidays from all of us at Piqosity! This morning our engineering team deployed a major update to the very popular Assignments feature whereby teachers can create assignments with both lessons and questions for students with due dates. We completely rewrote the backend code to improve performance and updated the user interface to be more responsive and easier to use.

Students will appreciate the completely redesigned assignments page, which now shows the teacher’s instructions and separates outstanding and completed assignments into separate tabs.

Working through assignments is now more closely aligned with Piqosity Virtual Tutor as it includes an instructions page with an estimated duration in minutes and questions. The navigation buttons to move between different pages and sections of the assignment are more clearly defined.

Click here to learn more about how to use assignments as a student.

Teachers will also appreciate a similarly refined experience. The Assignment Summary now shows estimated duration in time and questions for each component as well as the assignment as a whole. Assigning Personalized Practice is easier and more intuitive as it’s completely aligned with last month’s major feature update. We’ve also added filters to make it easier to assign full-length tests and their individual sections.

Click here to learn more about how to use assignments as a tutor or teacher.

All new assignments created from today, December 28, 2023, will be built and rendered using the new Assignment features. However, previously created assignments will continue to function smoothly using the old version, but teachers will no longer be able to edit assignments created prior to today’s update.

Today’s update also includes some miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements including new, default user profile images and decreased loading time of the student test and units page.

Read our deployment notes for more information.