Piqosity gets more useful everyday. As we race to upload content for the ACT, SAT, and ISEE, we’re developing the back-end more than worrying about attracting new, previously-unknown users off the Internet.

However, for those of you who are willing to brave our construction progress, this demonstration video is for you. In the four-minute video below I walk you through the main features of Piqosity in its current form:

  1. Browsing Courses
  2. Contributing Questions
  3. Making a Quiz
  4. Taking a Quiz
  5. Analyzing Results

If four minutes is too long for you, there are a few screenshots below the video, which should also get the job done:


Browse Courses

Browse available courses; we’re currently focusing on the standardized tests ACT, SAT, and ISEE.

Contribute Questions

While we’re working to upload more than 5,000 practice questions, our goal is that education self-publishers like yourself will take over by uploading your own content.

Make Quizzes

You can make custom quizzes with options like number of questions, difficulty, and sub-topic. You can let Piqosity pick the questions for you or you can browse all questions and pick and choose the exact ones you want.

Take Quizzes

Once you’ve made your quiz, you can take it right away or e-mail it someone else to take.

View Analysis

Once you take the quiz, you’ll get instant feedback including strengths and weaknesses by difficulty and sub-topic and norm-referencing. You’ll also be able to see answer explanations if provided by the question author.