Hello Piqosity-goers (Piqos?), while not uploading questions, I’ve spent the last couple of days applying to various incubators and grant programs. One of the programs Piqosity is applying to asks whether we can teach math using real world problems. Yes,  yes, we can.

I realized that I spend an inordinate amount of time researching any non-edible purchase in excess of $29. So by correctly answering the following ISEE math question, you’ll be helping me and others like me better allot our time.

Shelby spends a lot of time researching any non-edible purchase in excess of $30. For each $60 increment above the initial $30 threshold, Shelby spends an hour researching the product.  If the cost of a commercial-grade vacuum at SaveCo is $420, how much time will Shelby spend researching the product?

  • 6 hours

  • 6.5 hours

  • 7 hours

  • 14 hours

Correct Answer is 6.5 hours. Easy difficulty.

Tools – ratios, word problems

Steps –

  1. Because the threshold is $30, start by subtracting $30 from $420 to get $390
  2. Then divide $390 by the given increment of $60 to get 6.5, which is your answer

Quick Tips – Remember to not let unnecessary information cloud your process

So now you also have an idea of how we’re getting to our goal of 5,000+ questions! And I need to go back to reading Consumer Reports so that I can make a well-informed decision.