We now have a help desk where you can find solutions, request support, or start a discussion. As of this launch on November 1, 2016, we have the following support articles.

Support for Students

  1. Registering as a Student Learner
  2. How to Use and Understand the Student Dashboard
  3. Editing User Profile and Privacy Settings
  4. Accepting a Teacher Invitation to Join a Class
  5. Taking Practice Tests and Quizzes
  6. Viewing and Understanding Quiz Results
  7. Requesting an Answer Explanation or Flagging Question as Incorrect
  8. Reviewing Answers on Completed Quizzes
  9. Understanding the Leaderboard

Support for Educators

  1. Registering as a Tutor or Teacher
  2. Start Here – Using the Educator Dashboard
  3. How to Add Students to a Class
  4. How to Respond to Requests for Answer Explanations
  5. How to Use Piqosity in an Offline Test Prep Class

Ask for Help

And if you don’t find an answer to your problem in our knowledge base, you can now send us a ticket for resolution.

Note that the help desk is for technical support only. You should not use the help desk for academic questions like answer explanations. Instead, use the in-app answer explanation request tool.

Release Notes

We will also be using the forum in the help desk to publish release notes about the latest feature enhancements and bug fixes.