collection of many 3d numbers

Data, data, data! Most jobs and businesses rely on analyzed data to perform well in the working world, including the ERB. How else do you think the ERB determines Scaled Scores, Percentile Ranks, and Stanines for your ISEE results? Even your grades in school since the beginning have been analyzed to show you and your parents how well you have been performing in class.

What you complete in class, such as homework, projects, quizzes, and tests, are given a specific weight and scored. Tests might count three times as much as a quiz, for instance. These scores are all added together and then divided by the number of scores that were added, including the weights given to each type of score. This average is your grade point average (GPA), which indicates whether or not you move onto the next grade level and can determine where you go for high school or college.

Here are a few ways you can analyze data:

Mean (Average)


Weighted Average