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Piqosity now offers a market-leading 10 full-length ISEE practice tests each for the Upper, Middle, and Lower level ISEE tests. No other content publisher comes close to offering this amount of ISEE practice tests*. Piqosity’s tests are level-specific, meaning that there really are 10 tests for each level of the ISEE for applying to independent schools grades 5-12.

Built by Educators; Backed by Standards and Data

More than 50 brilliant tutors and teachers worked to produce these ISEE practice tests, which are painstaking replicas of the actual ISEE test. These educators crafted these tests using ERB‘s cited standards and examples including:

In creating these 30 ISEE practice tests, educators paid special attention to the tested concepts, question wording, and distribution of question types. Educators also used student feedback to ensure appropriate difficulty levels. Learn more about what is actually tested on the ISEE according to Piqosity’s independent analysis.

Market Leading ISEE Practice Test Content

Piqosity’s ISEE practice tests can be taken as a single exam or broken up for use in personalized practice according to the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. Altogether, Piqosity offers more than 3,500 practice questions for the ISEE Upper Level, more than 1,700 practice questions for the ISEE Middle Level, and more than 1,500 practice questions for the ISEE Lower Level.

Piqosity enables students to do their best on test day with proven and innovative features including:

  • 10 Full-Length ISEE Practice Tests
  • Step-by-Step Answer Explanations
  • Personalized Practice Sets
  • Estimated Stanine Scores
  • Content Review Lessons

Piqosity also offers 10 free ACT practice tests and 10 free SAT practice tests for when ambitious students want to really push themselves.

Piqosity launched in 2016 with just 6 ISEE practice tests for the Upper Level. 7 ISEE practice tests for the Lower Level launched in 2018 followed by 7 ISEE practice tests for the Middle Level. This summer’s update brings all three ISEE levels up to 10 tests each, and Piqosity significantly revised the original 6 Upper Level tests as well.

Educator Friendly

Unlike competitors, Piqosity is a “bring your own tutor” platform, meaning that we do not sell competing tutorial services. Piqosity’s platform is built for tutors and teachers and includes a powerful learning management system (LMS) at absolutely no charge with features like:

  • Student Monitoring
  • Assignments with Due Dates
  • Performance Analytics
  • Group Discounts Up to 75%
  • Branding for Companies and Schools

Learn more about Piqosity’s free features for tutors and teachers.

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*Just like how students should generally avoid the answer choice with “always” in it, we don’t like making bold claims but think it’s warranted here. If you think we’re wrong, please let us know and we’ll revise our statement!