Early Friday morning we pushed a major software update to Piqosity which introduces Concept Lessons. These lessons allow students to brush up on tested academic concepts directly within the Piqosity application. For example, if an ISEE student doesn’t quite understand the probability, they can now read a lesson walking them through the topic.

Now more than ever Piqosity is a single app where students can study tested concepts, apply those concepts in practice questions, and learn from their mistakes. Piqosity is also smart enough to recommend specific lessons to students based off of the ares where they need the most improvement.

Lessons Included for No Additional Charge

These lessons are automatically included for all new and existing users at no additional charge. Piqosity’s ISEE courses with a market-leading 10 full-length practice tests remain affordably priced at just $99. And our brand new ACT and SAT courses also with 10 full-length practice tests each remain entirely free.

Over the last 7 months, over 20 tutors and teachers across the country have been working to develop this content. Currently we offer more than 150 lessons across all of Piqosity’s courses ranging from “Number Types” for ISEE Lower Level to “Graphing Trigonometric Functions” for the ACT.

When we first envisioned Piqosity more than four years ago, we truly set out to design an application that would pique every student’s curiosity. Today’s launch of concept lessons brings us much closer to realizing this dream. Integral to Piqosity’s philosophy is the idea of presenting the same concept in different ways in order to teach every student according to their own unique needs.

Multiple Lesson Variations Including Videos

With lessons Piqosity is able to host multiple different variations on the same concept. For example, we will soon have two lessons on “Percents.” The first lesson is primarily text and image based, but very soon we will also publish an animated video lesson teaching the same concept.

We will publish more than 50 video lessons this fall, which are written, narrated, and presented in different styles by multiple different tutors and teachers including cartoon-based animations, whiteboard explainers, and teacher-led presentations.


With this update we’ve also launched two new features to increase discussion and foster community building.

  • Questions and Answers – This feature enables students to seek clarification on practice questions or lessons and for any qualified educator to respond. Educators can respond directly to questions with simple answers or they can even write detailed answer explanations.
  • Forum – Both students and educators can discuss anything that’s on their mind from “what’s a good ISEE score” to “college application tips.” Our goal here is to foster a lively community where students and educators can learn from each other.

We are very proud of today’s update yet are even more excited for what is still to come!

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