We have big plans for 2023! The internet’s most innovative and advanced e-learning platform for ACT, SAT, ISEE, math, and English is getting more awesome beginning later this winter. Here’s a look at our content and app roadmap going through this summer. We’re adding more learning content, new courses, and more app features.

More ACT and ISEE Test Prep Content This Spring

Our ACT and ISEE courses are getting tons of new content:

  • 2 more full-length practice tests for 12 total tests in each course
  • 650 stand-alone test-style practice questions
  • 10-hour premium video course

12 Full-Length Practice Tests. For our ACT, ISEE Lower, Middle, and Upper Level test prep courses, we’re adding two more full-length practice tests. The addition of these new tests means that our Advanced package will now offer a market-leading 12 full-length mock tests.

650 ACT and ISEE Practice Questions. We’re also adding hundreds of additional ISEE-style questions to our Lower and Middle Level courses (Upper Level already offered much of this material) as part of a practice test bank and completely separate from the full-length tests. The ACT course will also receive this new content.

10-Hour Premium Video Course. Our 4k cameras are rolling hot as we prepare hours of instructor-led ACT and ISEE test prep videos. Videos average 10-15 minutes in length and are designed to mimic a traditional in-class prep course. Covered topics include strategies, a review of tested math and reading concepts, plus sample question walk-throughs.

We’re also updating existing practice test content to ensure it remains on specification in accordance with our peer-normed analytics data and actual student results from the fall testing cycle.

To prepare students for the new SAT, we also plan to update and expand our SAT test prep course to be similar to our ISEE and ACT offerings. We expect these updates to start rolling out this summer. Our personalized learning platform is already well positioned to accommodate the SAT’s new adaptive style, we just need to update our content.

OpenStax Math and English Content

Openstax Logo HorizontalLast November we announced a new partnership with Rice University’s OpenStax. This agreement will allow us to bring the critically acclaimed OER learning content from the US’s fourth largest education publisher to the Piqosity platform. Our math courses for grades 5-11 will be the first beneficiaries of this new material.

Whereas our pre-OpenStax courses included an average of 1300 practice questions and 40 lessons, the newly expanded math courses will include upwards of 5,000 practice questions and 160 instructional lessons or nearly 4x more learning content. All of this content will benefit from our personalized delivery and peer-normed analytics.

New Pre-Calculus and 10th Grade English Course

Going live later this winter will be our entirely new core academic courses for 10th grade English (ELA 10) and Pre-Calculus. The ELA 10 course features full-length walk-throughs of Sophocle’s Antigone and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The Pre-Calculus course will initially feature more than 1300 practice questions and 40 instructional lessons before quickly being updated with the OpenStax content. Together these new academic courses complete our math and English offerings for grades 5-11.

New App Enhancements

Cross-Course Microtopics. Microtopics are a new, fourth level of hierarchy in Piqosity’s curriculum-aligned courses. The new structure will be course > topic > subtopic > microtopic. This new content level will enable a higher level of specificity in lessons and practice. Microtopics will also be cross-course, so that Piqosity can better identify when and where concepts are introduced and build upon each other.

Piqosity Virtual Tutor (PVT) Update with Tests, Units, and Microtopics. PVT is about to get a lot more capable. It will now incorporate full-length tests and units so that students can work through nearly all of a course’s content simply by clicking on the “next” button in their personalized outline.

A new remediation feature will also dynamically recommend prerequisite microtopics for review. For example, PVT will be able to determine whether or not an 11th grader preparing for the ACT needs to remediate exponent rules from 7th grade pre-algebra.

PVT with Intelligent Remediation will be included with our Advanced test prep packages and standard as part of our math and English courses.

Multi-Page Lessons. This new lesson format will enable educators to visually separate different concepts and to integrate “check for understanding”-style questions directly within the lessons. For example our new premium video courses will utilize this format by prompting students to self-attempt practice questions before the in-video instructor conducts the explanation walk-through.

More Updates on the Summer Horizon

  • Custom Course Outlines will allow educators to completely customize Piqosity’s standard outline and Piqosity Virtual Tutor Sequence. Educators will be able to rearrange, rename, or even add and remove course topics in order to suit their curriculum needs.
  • Student Alert Flags will dynamically notify parents and educators when a student is performing below expectations. Educators will be able to select criteria, and Piqosity will automatically send notifications so that they can take corrective action.