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Choosing your college admissions exam test date doesn’t have to be a complicated process. This article will help guide you through the many choices you’ll be making as you get ready for that test—which one to take, how to pick a testing location, and what you’ll need to register and start studying on time. Read on for digital SAT and ACT test dates and more testing information for the 2024-2025 school year!

Upcoming SAT Test Dates

As we welcomed the new year in January, we also welcomed the Digital SAT! This all-new format was implemented to make the exam easier to take and administer. Among other adjustments to the test content, this replacement for the paper SAT is shorter and adaptive to student performance. 

2024-2025 SAT Test Dates

Here are the upcoming Digital SAT test dates (published on the SAT website):

SAT Test Date Registration Deadline Deadline for Changes, Cancellation, and Late Registration
August 24, 2024 August 9 August 13
October 5, 2024 September 20 September 24
November 2, 2024 October 18 October 22
December 7, 2024 November 22 November 26
March 8, 2025 February 21 February 25
May 3, 2025 April 18 April 22
June 7, 2025 May 22 May 27

Students who don’t have access to a device (such as a laptop or tablet) can borrow a device from the College Board to take their Digital SAT. These students must register and request their device earlier than the registration deadline—30 or more days before test day.

Anticipated Fall 2025 SAT Test Dates

These are the unconfirmed but likely SAT test dates through summer 2026.

SAT Test Date
August 23, 2025
October 4, 2025
November 8, 2025
December 6, 2025
March 14, 2026
May 2, 2026
June 6, 2026

SAT School Day

SAT testing is always conducted on a Saturday—except for SAT School Day. Many schools, districts, and even states arrange to administer the SAT on a weekday to provide juniors an opportunity to take the exam on a regular school day. (If your school offers this, be sure to take advantage of a free test during school hours!)

A change from the paper SAT is that there’s no longer a set date when all schools conduct SAT School Day. Each semester, SAT School day can occur on any school day in a given testing window, chosen by the school or district.

Digital SAT School Day Testing Windows:

  • Fall 2024: October 1–October 31, 2024
  • Spring 2025: March 3–April 30, 2025

The PSAT/NMSQT for 11th graders (as well as the PSAT 9 and 10) is also arranged by schools and districts, to be administered during the Fall 2024 SAT School Day window.

Upcoming ACT Test Dates

Recently, the ACT has announced its test dates for the 2024–2025 school year. Next to each ACT test date below is listed the regular registration, late registration, and photo upload/standby deadline. Note that a late fee (an extra $36) applies for registrations between the regular registration deadline and the late registration deadline, and every student registering for this exam must upload their photo by the deadline (or else they will not be admitted to the test).

2024-2025 ACT Test Dates

Here are the upcoming ACT test dates in 2024 through summer 2025.

Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline Photo Upload & Standby Deadline
June 8, 2024 May 3 May 19 May 31
July 13, 2024 June 7 June 21 July 5
September 14, 2024 August 9 August 25 September 6
October 26, 2024 September 20 October 7 October 18
December 14, 2024 November 8 November 22 December 6
February 8, 2025 January 3 January 20 January 31
April 5, 2025 February 28 March 16 March 28
June 14, 2025 May 9 May 26 June 6
July 12, 2025 June 6 June 20 July 4

These are only the National ACT test dates—there are also state and district ACT test dates, arranged with the ACT District Testing program.

In-School ACT Testing

Like for the SAT, all national ACT test dates are administered on Saturdays. ACT District Testing provides juniors an opportunity to take the ACT test on a school day instead if their school or district signs up. If your school offers school day ACT testing, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

ACT offers several testing windows throughout the school year from which districts/schools can choose their ACT school test day:

Test Administration Paper Test Dates Online Test Dates
Fall 2024, Test Window 1 October 15, 2024 October 15-18 & 21-25
Fall 2024, Test Window 2 October 29, 2024 October 29 – November 1 & 4-8
Initial Spring 2024 N/A February 25-28 & March 3-7
Early Spring 2025 Window 1 March 11, 2025 March 11-14 & 17-21
Early Spring 2025 Window 2 March 25, 2025 March 25-28 & March 31-April 4
Late Spring 2025 Window 1 April 8, 2025 April 8-11 & 14-18
Late Spring 2025 Window 2 April 22, 2025 April 22-25 & April 28-May 2

Selecting the Best Test Date

There are a number of things to consider when seeing which exam test date works for you. Before everything else, determine your college application deadlines. SAT scores are available two weeks after taking the test, while ACT scores have a turnaround of up to two months. If you select a test date that’s too late, you may not get your scores back in time for applications.

Planning ahead is the name of the game when it comes to preparing for the ACT or SAT—you’ll also need to decide which of the two tests you’d prefer, where you’ll take the exam, and more.

Research and Decide—SAT or ACT?

Many students take both the ACT and the SAT. Applying with both ACT and SAT scores can show off your academic prowess and how seriously you take your education; however, this isn’t in the cards for everyone. If you don’t have the time to adequately prepare for two unique exams or commit to (at least) two test dates, then taking both exams isn’t advisable. 

Because the SAT and ACT are quite different, you should decide which exam is the best fit for your college desires, academic strengths, and test-taking stamina. (That is, once you make sure that your state, district, or school doesn’t have any ACT or SAT requirements.) 

Both exams test reading/English and math skills, can be taken digitally, and allow a calculator on all math portions. Aside from the SAT’s digital-only administration, the biggest difference between the two is that the ACT tests students on more subjects than the SAT. Here are some more important differences between the two exams:

Chart of key differences between the SAT and the ACT.

There are higher level level differences than these, as well, so we highly recommend diving deeper into what sets these tests apart. Doing this will help you decide which is the best exam for you to take that plays best to your strengths and weaknesses. 

Plan Time for Test-Prep

You don’t want to take the exam too close to your application deadline (considering turnaround times and that you may want to retake for a better score), but you want to give yourself enough time to study.

Exactly how much time you should devote to studying depends on many factors. One is the difference between your current capabilities and your goal score, so take a preliminary practice test to understand your starting point. Another aspect is the amount of time and money you’re able to invest into studying. Find the most effective type of test prep for your budget and develop a study plan to arrange . 

Retaking the ACT or SAT: How Many Times Should You Test?

Taking exams multiple times is often key for students trying to reach their goal SAT/ACT score. More often than not, students who retake the ACT or the SAT have improved scores the second time around. So, consider retesting a part of your test prep journey—not an extra step in case of a subpar first score.

We recommend that you choose an early first test date—even if you haven’t made it through all of your studying, taking the real test early-on will allow you to have the greatest number of opportunities to retake the exam later on. When you receive your scores, identify your weaknesses and plan to study them before your retest. 

Pick a Testing Location and Confirm Costs

Unless you’re taking the SAT School Day or in-school ACT, you’ll need to arrange your registration for the test—this means paying for the exam (or finding a fee waiver) and selecting a test location.

SAT Test Locations

Screenshot of SAT Testing Location search from the SAT website.

Even though the SAT is fully digital, you must take the exam in person. To find an SAT test center, you will need to fill out the Test Center Search form on the SAT website (right).

Pick your desired test date, then input your zip code and how far you’re willing to travel to take the exam. You’ll be able to view dozens of options of SAT test centers. This list can get lengthy, so you will have many options.

The locations are listed based on their distance from your zip code; as such, if you want to take your test at the closest location, that school will be near the top. Remember to consider things like traffic, distance, and familiarity with the venue before choosing your test center. Not every test center will provide the SAT on each date, so this may impact what date you’ll take the test.

ACT Test Locations

Screenshot of the ACT Test Center search from the ACT website

There are also hundreds of testing locations where you can take the ACT, many of which don’t administer the ACT on every test date. To see your possible ACT test locations, use the Test Center Locator on the ACT website (right).

Enter your state and zip code, then search to see all nearby testing centers. Select a location to see on which test dates they’ll administer the ACT. Again, remember to consider things like traffic, distance, and familiarity with the area before selecting your test center. 

Costs & Fee Waivers

As you prepare to register for your exam, make sure you’re aware of its price. The SAT is $60, while the ACT is $66 ($91 with the essay). There are other costs that may apply to you—this table shows most SAT and ACT costs and fees all in one place:

ACT Test, no writing $66 SAT Test $60
ACT Test, writing $91
Change ACT Test Date or Location $25 Change SAT Test Location $25
Late ACT Registration $36 Late SAT Registration $30
Standby ACT Testing $66 Waitlist SAT Testing $53
Two Additional College Score Reports $18 One additional college score report $12
Test Information Release $32 during registration, $40 after taking the ACT Question-and-Answer Service $16
Student Answer Service $16

For both tests, there are fee waivers available for students who meet certain requirements. There are even more benefits for those who meet the requirements and take the test for free, like the ability to send free, unlimited score reports to the colleges of your choice. Colleges may even waive your application fees. To apply for a fee waiver for the ACT or the SAT, meet with your high school’s college counselor.

Clearly, it’s important—and cost-effective—to know exactly what you need and avoid errors during the test registration process. Before you register for your exam of choice, learn what the registration process entails ahead of time so you won’t have to deal with cancellation or late fees.

ACT and SAT Registration

Once you’ve chosen the perfect test date for you, it’s time to register for your exam of choice. The registration process shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. Whichever test you chose, you’ll need the following:

Collect these items before you begin the process to minimize confusion. Then, register for your ACT or SAT! When test day comes around, you must bring your admission ticket, photo ID, a No. 2 pencil, and a permissible calculator. 

Prepare for the ACT or Digital SAT with Piqosity

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