As a rule, our editors try to ensure that Piqosity’s first-party preparation material for the ISEE test is at or slightly above the expected difficulty of the actual ISEE. The last thing we want to do is provide unrealistically easy material that lulls families into a false sense of confidence (and the next to last thing we want to do is make the content so difficult that we scare students into feeling defeated).

Beginning in winter 2021, we started to peer norm every question on Piqosity and compare it to the actual ISEE test results. When we examined our 3,597 questions for the ISEE Upper Level on December 21, 2021, we found that students were answering our questions with a mean accuracy of 51.25% and a median accuracy of 51.75%, which is nearly exactly the same as the official ISEE results reported from students testing in November of 2021.

However, Piqosity’s norm group is smaller and likely more studious than the ISEE-taking population as a whole, which means that Piqosity’s content may skew more difficult than what students can expect to find on the actual ISEE.