Piqosity’s research shows that an average student can expect about a 40 point improvement in SAT score for every 7 hours of quality studying. However, how much you will need to study will ultimately depend on:

  1. What SAT score do you need/want?
  2. What is your current SAT Score after taking a diagnostic test?
  3. What is the gap between your current and desired score?

Additionally the big caveat to this time estimate is the word “quality.” You cannot spend those 7 hours mindlessly watching how-to videos. You must be working through practice tests, learning from your mistakes, and re-learning any basic concepts you’ve forgotten from your math and English classes.

After preparing for the SAT with Piqosity, you’ll see that there’s nothing “mysterious” about this very, standard test. You just need to put in the time and effort to ensure you’re strong in basic skills—like how to identify the main idea of a paragraph or manipulate fractions.