With 3003 practice questions for the Upper Level ISEE, Piqosity now features the equivalent of 18.77 full-length practice tests for this popular independent high school admissions exam (click here for more information about the ISEE including test-taking strategies). The practice questions are separated into three primary categories:

  • Verbal Reasoning (1675 questions), which includes synonyms, single, and double-blank sentence completion questions
  • Reading Comprehension (336 questions & 56 passages), which is comprised of a passage followed by six questions
  • Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematics Achievement (992 Questions), which includes word problems and quantitative comparisons

It would take the average student more than 56 hours to work through this content, which is further organized by sub-topic and difficulty level.

More than Just Standardized Test Preparation

These ISEE practice questions are about more than just acing a test. The Upper Level ISEE is favored by American independent high schools, because it’s ultimately a way to gauge a middle school student’s preparedness for high school academics.

The test primarily measures a student’s strength in reading, writing, math, and data analysis. As such, students studying any of the tested topics can benefit from these practice questions even if not immediately taking the ISEE.

Below are some of the major academic topics covered by the Upper Level ISEE:

  1. Synonyms/ vocabulary (1337 questions on Piqosity)
  2. Single & double blank sentence completions (338)
  3. Reading comprehension (336)
  4. Powers & roots (83)
  5. Mean, median & mode (55)
  6. Arithmetic word problems (50)
  7. Angles, Perimeter & area (46)
  8. Triangle types & rules (46)
  9. Surface area & volume (33)
  10. Data analysis (33)
  11. Linear equations & their graphs (28)
  12. Number types (28)
  13. Percentages (27)
  14. Balancing algebraic equations (26)
  15. Circles (26)
  16. Ratios & proportions (25)
  17. Quadratic equations & their graphs (24)
  18. Set notation (21)
  19. Inequalities (20)
  20. Factors & Multiples (19)

How to Use Piqosity as a Student

Piqosity is free to use, but you will need to create a user account in order to access all features such as creating custom quizzes and viewing saved results. Here’s a 3-minute demo or go here for step-by-step instructions and screenshots: