Piqosity, a Houston-based e-learning startup is making its online ACT and SAT practice tests, instructional videos, and prep guides freely available in response to the ongoing disruptions caused by Covid-19. Its comprehensive suite of e-learning tools enables college applicants to do their best on these high stakes tests. Piqosity includes 20 full-length SAT and ACT practice tests, performance analytics, and content review lessons for tested concepts.


With powerful class management features including student monitoring, analytics, and homework assignments, Piqosity is particularly well suited for tutors and teachers. Any educator can self-register for free and get started immediately.

A valid e-mail address is the only requirement for students or educators to access Piqosity’s free resources. No credit card is required to sign-up, and there are no in-app purchases. Students will retain completely free access for 365-days from the date of sign-up.

On his decision to make Piqosity’s ACT and SAT content free, Founder Shelby Joe said,

“More than 5 million high school seniors are trying to survive this pandemic and prepare for college. We hope that our free, comprehensive prep materials will help lighten their load during these unprecedented times.” 

“We want to ensure the future success of students regardless of their current financial situation. We understand that many families have experienced significant hardship due to COVID-19. For that reason, anyone can access Piqosity’s ACT and SAT resources for free. All you need is an email to sign-up” Thomasina Watson, Manager for Business Development

Shelby Joe has been an education entrepreneur since starting an academic consulting company out of his Rice University dorm room in 2003. A third-generation Chinese-American from Mississippi, he founded Piqosity in 2016 to enable students and their educators to learn and teach according to their own pace and style.

“My grandparents fled war and poverty in China for a better life. Education and a supportive community enabled them to truly realize the American dream. To pique a student’s curiosity is to give them the power to accomplish anything.” — Shelby Joe

*ACT® is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. SAT® is a registered trademark of College Board. Piqosity is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by either ACT or College Board.