Meet Patrick the Piqosity Virtual Tutor

AI-Driven Virtual Tutor for ISEE, ACT, and SAT Test Prep

Today we would like to introduce you to Patrick the Piqosity Virtual Tutor (PVT)! You might know that Piqosity is a startup company, which means we have to use our investment dollars wisely and put all our friends and family to work, including Patrick the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pup.

Patrick—with the assistance of some experienced human educators and brilliant computer engineers—has spent the last few months on his computer trying to figure out how he could make Piqosity’s advanced features easier to use for students and parents–who in particular might not be working with a tutor or teacher.

Patrick PVT personalizes the course outline and automatically guides students through lessons, practice, and review.

There are three primary components of PVT:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Course Outline Personalization
  3. Session Module

Goal Setting

How high do you want to score? For example a student applying to an academically challenging school or college might select “Top 5%” whereas a student applying to a less competitive school might be happy with “Top 25%.”

These selections are in comparison to other students, for example “Top 5” equates to:

  • 8 on the ISEE
  • 1400 on the SAT
  • 30 on the ACT
  • 95% accuracy in ELA or Math

Your Goal Score will impact what topics PVT thinks you should study, and how many hours it thinks you’ll need to commit. For example, a student who wants to score in the Top 5% will need spend time to be proficient in all of a course’s topics; conversely, a student who only needs to score in the Top 25% doesn’t need to worry about acing the most complex topics.

Personalized Course Outline

After you’ve informed PVT of your goals and timeline, it will personalize the course outline and display it on your dashboard.

The Personalized Course Outline provides you a simple list of topics to work through:

  1. In a linear order; the topics listed on top are the highest priority
  2. In accordance with your Goal Score; some advanced topics may be hidden

PVT automatically progresses you through the Personalized Course Outline when you:

  1. View a lesson
  2. Answer questions on that lesson

PVT Session Module

A PVT session is meant to resemble how an educator would guide you through during a private tutorial and is therefore comprised of these components:

  1. Lesson teaching you how to tackle the given topic
  2. Practice questions on the topic in the lesson
  3. Practice questions on topics you’ve previously studied but need more work in
  4. Progress report detailing your current performance

The launch of PVT is just a taste of the exciting and increasingly intelligent features we’re continuing to release for Piqosity. Not only is PVT available for our ISEE, ACT, and SAT courses, but we have rolled it out to our Math and English courses. We have also massively updated Personalized Practice, which includes a new dynamic difficulty setting with a challenge game mode, and we have a big backlog of video lessons to publish.

As a community oriented company and vision, we want to hear from you on how can we can make improvements! If you have ideas on how we can improve PVT or any of Piqosity’s features and content, consider using our newly updated Discussion Forum to provide your feedback.

Educators – Bring Your Own Content

For tutors and teachers, we made another important step in opening up the Piqosity platform to any qualified educator. As of today, any user can technically upload their own lessons or questions. Stay tuned as we explain this functionality and continue to refine these features over the coming weeks!

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Every Piqosity course offers a free, “Community” plan, which provides access to all platform features, a ton of Piqosity’s first-party content, and any third-party content made available by our growing community of educators.

And Piqosity’s premium ACT and SAT courses remain free for public and charter schools!