Parents of 8th graders may struggle to know exactly how to help their child improve their ELA skills. We are frequently asked questions such as “How do I improve my 8th grader’s reading and writing skills?” or “How do I improve my 8th grader’s vocabulary?” 

Now that your child is older, it is best to encourage the development of your child’s ELA skills via more independent means. For example, if your child likes to write, encourage them to keep a diary (with a promise that you won’t read it) or pursue their own writing projects. To develop their critical thinking skills, try to maintain an open dialogue about your teens opinions regarding what their reading, watching, or seeing in the news. Check in with your child to see if they need help maintaining a healthy homework schedule. And finally, continue to maintain a culture of reading within your home; take visits to the library or bookstore and encourage reading together as a family activity. 

If you desire more structured ELA practice, consider using Piqosity’s 8th grade ELA course.