ACT Test Strategies

Getting an outstanding score on the ACT isn’t just a matter of knowing all of the concepts that are being tested; it’s also important to have a collection of tried-and-true ACT test strategies in your arsenal. The ACT is the second most popular admissions test for applying to college in the United States, so [...]

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How to Improve Your ACT Score

If you’ve taken the ACT before and are planning to take it again, you’re likely trying to figure out how to improve your ACT score. Without question, the best way to improve your ACT score is to take practice tests and study practice questions. However, not all study strategies are made equal; you can [...]

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The Differences Between the ACT and SAT

Versus the SAT, the ACT generally presents questions in a less complex manner but requires students to know more advanced concepts and work more quickly. However, our experience working with thousands of students over the last 17 years is that fewer than 5% of students will score significantly different on the SAT vs the [...]

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Top Wisconsin High Schools by ACT Scores

Although a majority of Wisconsin’s 2019 high school graduates plan to attend college—and many hope to stay close to home—they are, on average, performing at the lowest rates in recent years. This is a key takeaway from an analysis of Wisconsin students’ 2019 ACT Scores. In the 2019 graduating class, 66,729 Wisconsin students took [...]

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Top Kansas High Schools by ACT Scores

Kansas’ Class of 2019 is better prepared for college than their peers nationwide, analysis of their ACT scores reveals. In the 2019 graduating class, 25,684 Kansas students took the ACT; their mean composite score was a 21.2 out of a possible 36. For comparison, 2018’s graduating class had about 500 fewer students and scored [...]

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Sample Essay Explanations to the Previously Released 2015-2018 ACT Writing Test

The 2015 official practice ACT Writing Test presented the prescient topic of "Public Health and Individual Freedom." Below are sample essays and score explanations to the full-length Writing test of the previously released ACT from the 2015-2018 “Preparing for the ACT Test” (Form 72CPRE) free study guide available here. For more general tips and strategies for [...]

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Sample Essay Responses and Explanations to the Previously Released 2020 ACT Writing Test

Below are sample essays and score explanations to the full-length Writing test of the previously released ACT from the current 2020-2021 “Preparing for the ACT Test” (form 1874FPRE) free study guide available here from ACT for free. For more general tips and strategies for the ACT writing test, click here. The ACT Writing test explained below [...]

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ACT Writing Test Scoring, Tips, and Strategies

This prep guide will arm you with tips and strategies to ace the ACT Writing Test and explain the scoring methodology. The ACT Writing Test is an optional fifth and final section of the ACT college admissions exam. Students are allotted 40-minutes to write an argumentation-style essay based off of a controversial topic and [...]

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Free Online ACT and SAT Prep Offered by Houston Ed-Tech Startup

Piqosity, a Houston-based e-learning startup is making its online ACT and SAT practice tests, instructional videos, and prep guides freely available in response to the ongoing disruptions caused by Covid-19. Its comprehensive suite of e-learning tools enables college applicants to do their best on these high stakes tests. Piqosity includes 20 full-length SAT and [...]

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