Free ACT and SAT Practice Tests

After more than a year in development, (pique+curiosity) is excited to announce the launch of its practice tests for the ACT* and SAT* college admissions exams. Available immediately for free, each course features 7 full-length practice tests, which can be worked online straight through or broken up and personalized according to the student's [...]

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The Differences Between the ACT and SAT

Versus the SAT, the ACT generally presents questions in a less complex manner but requires students to know more advanced concepts and work more quickly. However, our experience working with thousands of students over the last 17 years is that fewer than 10% of students will score significantly different on the SAT vs the [...]

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Spring 2020 Major Update Release Notes

The "ISEE 2019-2020 season" is now mostly over, which can mean only one thing for Piqosity -- it's safe to start tinkering with the software again! We're excited to announce our first major release of 2020, which brings a host of performance improvements and new features. New Features More Student Stats Tutor-Led Practice Student [...]

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ACT and SAT Test Prep in Schools – Challenges and Recommendations

Piqosity’s SAT and ACT preparation resources enable students to practice for these standardized tests in accordance with their unique needs, pace, and style. However, Piqosity and other well-meaning tools are merely one piece of a very complicated challenge in ensuring students are prepared for college. We examined the extant research to formulate recommendations to [...]

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ACT Scores for Mississippi High Schools 2017

The kids in Columbus, Mississippi are clearly smart. However, the 89% rest of the state is struggling to prepare for college, but they nonetheless aspire to go to Mississippi State University; these are the key takeaways from the ACT scores of Mississippi's graduating class of 2017. (Scroll down for table of ACT results for [...]

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ACT Test Scores by State for Class of 2016

Massachusetts graduating seniors are the smartest in the country according to ACT's recently released report, "The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2016." Nevadans were the worst off with an average score of just 17.7, which is over 3 points lower than the national average of 21 (the complete list of states follows below). Over 2 [...]

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Answer Explanations to 2013 Previously Released ACT Math Test

ACT, Inc. is the non-profit organization that administers the ACT college admissions test. They are the only source for official, previously released exams. Practice tests from third-party publishers like Kaplan or McGraw-Hill are just approximations. Fortunately ACT makes freely available previously administered tests. This post addresses the 60 questions in the Math section from [...]

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